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Does the next Presidential election determine the future of the recruiting industry?

RecruitAlliance makes recruiting easy - in any economy!

If you listen to the opinions of your local and national news programs and media outlets, you already know the public perception on the matter. If you look back in history, recruiting ebbs and flows with the economic cycles; but the need to acquire top talent has never left the "marketplace."

Headhunters and third-party recruiters (TPRs) have created high billings in a variety of economic conditions. Having the ability to change direction and evolve to meet the needs of your clients' has always been the requirement that ensures success for recruiters.

Since 2001, RecruitAlliance is the website that has been connecting quality organizations with professional recruitment agencies. Companies simply sign on to the platform to post their fee eligible positions, and recruiters receive an immediate notification of your talent needs. They compete to fill your jobs quickly and efficiently.

RecruitAlliance accomplishes a task that few companies can deliver - they facilitate quality relationships between recruiters and hiring companies - instead of being that middleman who holds recruiters hostage for a hefty percentage of their commission.

Learn how implementing RecruitAlliance across your company will:
~reduce costs
~eliminate RFP process
~put an end to fee negotiations
~save time
~create quality connections with well-networked recruitment professionals
~reduce your time-to-fill while increasing your ROI

This November will likely be a historic election. While the Presidential race will determine the direction the country moves forward, there will continue to be a drive to obtain the highest quality talent within growth oriented companies and organizations in the U.S. To learn more about how to join RecruitAlliance, visit

Third-party recruiters: Beef up billings and increase client-base in minutes

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Let RecruitAlliance help you increase your billings today.Are you spending tons of time on business development for your recruiting or staffing agency? Do you work independently, and strive to increase your earning potential immediately?

Every time you check your email or search the internet, there's another new tool available that promises to help you work less and earn more. While technology has certainly changed the way talent acquisition professionals work, the influx of new solutions leaves one feeling overwhelmed, and unable to differentiate whether the ROI is positive.

One recruiting tool that has been in place since 2001 and has provided proven success to agencies and third-party recruiters (TPRs) across the nation is RecruitAlliance. RecruitAlliance is a website that facilitates quality relationships between hiring organizations and TPRs. It's a powerful communications portal that provides real-time reporting on all of your candidate referrals, while minimizing the time spent on successfully obtaining feedback from your client. Unlike other recruiting platforms, RecruitAlliance strives to create a collaborative relationship between hiring company and agency - RecruitAlliance never takes a piece of your recruiter fees earned.

Imagine the power of placing one additional candidate per month, without focusing on additional business development or making heavy marketing calls. Imagine removing contract negotiation out of the equation, and knowing up-front what the client is willing to pay for your candidate. RecruitAlliance can positively impact your recruiting and staffing business beginning today!

You're invited to test drive the RecruitAlliance platform today. Learn what recruitment specialists love about this tool, and how they leverage it to work with some of the most prestigious organizations across the country. To learn more about how you can make 2012 your biggest billing year, visit

Implementing the best passive sourcing plan for your organization

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Let Recruitalliance improve the quality of your organization's talent!

In spite of the disappointing numbers provided by the U.S. Department of Labor earlier this week, forward-thinking companies are continually looking for the best tools and resources to improve the quality of their workforce. Designing and implementing a quality passive sourcing plan is the key to differentiate your company from the competition.

What's the best approach to success in passive sourcing and recruiting? How can your HR team create a pipeline of passive candidates in the most efficient manner? Let's take a look at three expert opinions:

Recruiting industry trainer, Lou Adler believes if you want to accelerate your passive recruiting efforts and believe your company is in a talent scarcity situation for most critical positions while raising the level of talent, you should consider implementing a 20/20/60 plan. Read more.....

Maureen Sharib, telephone sourcing trainer and owner of TechTrak, Inc. states approaching passive candidates requires a completely different approach by recruiters. Read more about Maureen's approach to engaging passive candidates over the phone.

Scott Love, recruiter trainer and public speaker articulates his belief that a long list of passive candidates is useless if you don't know how to engage them on the phone. Learn his methods for moving the "fence-sitting" candidate from hesitant to hired. Read more....

One proven tool that will increase quickly increase your passive candidate flow while giving you more control over the recruitment process is RecruitAlliance (RA). RA is a website that connects organizations with third-party recruiters to effectively fill your most challenging requisitions with top talent. There's never a cost for employers to become members, and this resources is an excellent way to leverage external recruiting resources without increasing costs. To learn more or receive a personal demo, click here.

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