What’s new in talent acqusition: August 2012

RecruitAlliance helps recruiters move beyond social media recruiting, and connect with clients who have hiring needs today.This is a busy week in the news; Tropical Storm Isaac is churning just south of Florida and headed for landfall within a couple of days, the Republican National Convention will be convening, and America lost "the first man on the moon," - Neil Armstrong.

For corporate recruiters, staffing specialists and third-party talent acquisition professionals, the summer has had an influx of new tools, techniques and ideas to help recruitment professionals excel in their jobs. Here's the Recruitment News Review: August 2012.

The Latest Social Media Stats for 2012
...we researched a majority of the popular social media sites and online channels to provide a list of the most recent stats we could find. Think mobile isn’t growing? There are more iPhones sold in a day than there are babies born! Most of these stats were collected over the past 2-3 weeks so should be recent. Read more....

Rapportive: The free email tool that helps you know your contacts
For recruiters who regularly use Gmail, this is an excellent way to know what's going on with your contacts - before you send them that next communication.

You can immediately see what people look like, where they're based, and what they do. You can establish rapport by mentioning shared interests. You can grow your network by connecting on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. And you can record thoughts for later by leaving notes. Read more....

Job Change Alerts: Always know the right time to reach out to your candidates

Receive a daily email that keeps you up to date on your network's job transitions, promotions and birthdays. This is another complimentary service designed to help you stay in touch with business acquaintances, grow your network, and automate the research needed to do so. Read more.....

OFCCP clarifies the rules of Internet hiring
You know the four criteria for defining an Internet applicant are:

An expression of interest (as in sending in an application);
Meets the basic qualifications (education, years of experience, geography, etc.);
You “considered” the individual for a job;
The person never withdraws from consideration.
Here's the clarification that make it easier to know what records to keep, and who's responsible for them. Read more....

RecruitAlliance; powerful business development tool for recruiting professionals.
Do you spend 50% or more of your day on building your book of business? Become a member of RecruitAlliance, and focus on uncovering top talent for your clients. It's a communications portal where recruiters submit their matching candidates that completely eliminates the need to negotiate contracts and fees. Best of all, you'll see where your submitted candidates are in the hiring process, every step of the way. To sign up for a free trial, click here.


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