Are headhunters and recruiting agencies becoming extinct?

RecruitAlliance connects employers with recruiters who specialize in their niche.Is your company currently utilizing the services of a recruiting agency, staffing service or headhunter to fill your "tough-to-fill" requisitions? Does a magic bullet exist that makes hiring retained search firms or contingency recruitment providers obsolete? Has the value of having the key roles within your organization completely dissolved?

Any company who hires a large number of employees understands the unique value that a recruitment solutions provider delivers to their bottom line. Let's face it - just because employers have more access to candidates through resume databases and social media than ever before doesn't mean their HR and internal recruitment team have the ability to attract and recruit top talent.

Here are three important reasons headhunters and recruiting agencies will not disappear, like the dinosaurs:

1. Software, social media, and advanced sourcing strategies find candidates - but can't recruit them. The internet has given all companies and human resources departments with great access to focused candidate pools, but the challenge lies in attracting them. Third-party recruiters have connections and extended networks that give them a large edge over corporate recruiters and employers, as a whole.

2. External recruiters are specialists in selling the value of working in your company. Your internal recruiters and HR representatives most likely are responsible for a large number of requisitions across a broad spectrum of positions. They primarily process candidates; not source and recruit them. Headhunters focus on strategic relationships and filling jobs within your given niche. They don't generally use job boards to uncover talent, so they're engaging an entirely different candidate pool than your internal counterparts.

3. Perm recruitment specialists can save employers time and money. Are you going to pay 20% - 30% of the candidate's first year annual salary when you hire the candidate presented by the external recruiter? Yes; but when you're looking at filling a requisition that your internal team hasn't been able to fill in the last 6 months or more, and that directly affects your company's profitability, it's time to call in the specialists.

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