Third-party recruiter secrets to recruiting the highest caliber candidates

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Have you ever met an executive recruiter, staffing specialist, or corporate recruiter who consistently finds and is able to attract top talent? If you've ever met one of these super-star recruitment pros, they seem to attract awesome candidates automatically, and have a loaded pipeline of industry winners.

What's their secret? What are they doing that you're not? How do they repeat their successes week after week; month after month?

Here are 3 tips from the "big dogs" of recruitment to help even the playing field.

1. Ask yourself why you would want to work for the company you recruit for. Do you know all the benefits and selling points of becoming a part of this organization? If you don't embrace these positives yourself, you really can't expect any candidates to buy into your pitch.

2. Are you excited about the location you're selling to candidates? Do you have a list of resource links you can provide to your interested candidates, Youtube videos from the Chamber of Commerce, information about local real estate and the educational system? The "big dogs" in the recruiting world anticipate the questions their candidates will ask, and come to the table prepared to wow them from the first interaction.

3. Stop recruiting and start connecting with your candidates on a more personal level. Would you be focused on a script if you were talking to an old friend on the phone? Every candidate you meet should be treated like a friend you've never met. Get to know them, find out what really matters to them as they explore new opportunities, and focus on helping them attain their goals - instead of just filling your open requisition. When you turn the focus from merely filling a job to changing people's lives by connecting them to the right position within your organization - everyone wins!

The best recruiters aren't performing miracles to produce results. The gap between a mediocre recruitment professional and the top producer lies truly in their ability to build relationships, and not just going through the motions of the job.

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