How NOT to hire the right candidate

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Recruitalliance makes business development for recruiters - SIMPLE!If you are involved in a challenging search and seeking guidance from articles and research provided on the internet, you know there is no shortage of advice. Most Human Resources departments, corporate recruiters and external recruitment agencies know what qualities, experience and background they need to determine whether a candidate is a potential fit for their position. Taking that candidate from the prospect stage to hire is where the challenges present themselves - unless you're armed with the right information.

Here are 5 things every recruiter must know, to NOT hire the right candidate:

1. Let your calls forward to voicemail. You've posted your openings on every job board on the web. After reaching out to passive candidates in your network and all of the front-end work you've completed, you're dropping the ball if you avoid phone calls! Every person you speak with may not be a prospect, but they are definitely another opportunity to network. Take each call as possible, and network with everyone.

2. Don't join LinkedIn groups. If you aren't already leveraging Linkedin's groups, this is an excellent opportunity to extend your networking efforts in the areas you're seeking talent. You can post jobs at no cost, create discussions, and view membership lists to make direct contact with prospective candidates. If you're a recruiter who doesn't use this Groups feature - one thing is for sure, you're not filling jobs.

3. Work 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. Successful recruiters make themselves available to their candidates anytime. They are available for a Saturday interview, will meet for coffee after dinner, and will rearrange their social schedule to accommodate their candidates' needs. If you're working only while your candidates are at work, chances are you're missing opportunities to make fills.

4. Don't respond to your emails on a timely basis. Many candidates find it easier to respond to your inquiries via email, while they're at work. Oftentimes, you'll receive a resume from an "on-target" candidate, simply by leaving them a voicemail. If you don't check your email frequently and respond promptly, you're likely leaving candidates and the fees they generate for you - behind.

5. Avoid keeping your candidate in the loop, once they've interviewed with a hiring manager. Your candidates and hiring managers have the expectation you will keep them informed throughout the consideration process. Just because the hiring company pays your fees, it's important to remember there would be no fees without the candidate. Provide the same quality communication with all of your candidates, and you'll gain a good reputation in the industry and will differentiate yourself from the competition.

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