5 reasons smart competitors are already leveraging RecruitAlliance as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy

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RecruitAlliance empowers your team to fill jobs faster and more efficiently.We live in an era where new software, recruiting tools and websites show up on the scene with high frequency, to help recruiters, human resources and hiring managers uncover top talent faster than ever before. For every organization, time is money; it stands to reason that speeding up the hiring process will have a positive impact throughout the company.

RecruitAlliance has been helping savvy, strategic companies with a true vision and focus on "quality of hire," since 2001. Not your modern day "tool of the week," RecruitAlliance is a long-term solution that drives results.

Here are 5 reasons your competitors are already utilizing RecruitAlliance (RA) to fill their key roles, and why you should sign up for your complimentary employer test-drive today:

1. RA empowers hiring companies to post their fee-eligible roles on this "members only" website, and begin receiving qualified, on-target candidates from professional, vetted external recruiters in as little as a few hours. All recruiting agencies who are members of the platform are screened and approved before they are given access to the site. Stop shopping for quality recruitment agencies to partner with for your niche searches.

2. Put an end to the RFP process. With RA, all recruiters must agree to your terms and conditions prior to submitting their first candidate to you through the website. For some companies, the RFP process alone can add weeks and even months to a priority candidate search. With RecruitAlliance, all obstacles between you and highly desirable candidates are removed.

3. Your company sets the fee you're willing to pay upon successful hire. RA works like a job board that is accessible exclusively by employers and third party recruiters. When you post your requisition, you include the amount you're willing to pay along with a thorough job descriptions and candidate "must haves." You remain in control of costs at all times.

4. Experience the power of large numbers. When you work with one or two recruiting agencies occasionally, they aren't always the best partners for all types of searches. When you post your fee-eligible position on RA, those recruiters who specialize in the space you're seeking qualified candidates will submit qualified individuals for your review - because they already have them in the pipeline. This significantly cuts down on your time to fill.

5. RecruitAlliance literally automates the process of working with external recruiting vendors, while providing hiring companies with real-time reporting and on-going results. RA removes the obstacles of working with third-party talent acquisition companies, and creates a cloud-based environment that stimulates more fills - more efficiently.

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