Outsourcing recruitment = greater internal process efficiency

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RecruitAlliance rivals RPOs in reducing recruitment costs and time to fill.In a recent article dated 7/1/2012 on, the question is posed; "Can a vendor beat the costs and benefits of in-house recruiters?" As organizations look or continuous ways to decrease costs while decreasing time to fill, HR, internal recruiters and hiring managers realize the necessity of leveraging third-party recruiting resources.

What is the difference between an RPO and utilizing a recruiting agency to fulfill your hiring needs? Let's compare and contrast these two resources, and determine the pros and cons of using each solution.

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcer. RPOs provide a steady candidate flow for both small and large corporations. They act as an extension of your internal team and strive to enhance your company's brand and image. In terms of cost and contract commitment, you will typically sign a one year or more agreement with the RPO provider. you pay a monthly fee based on the total number of searches being serviced, and an additional premium as requisitions are filled. The positives to this type of business arrangement are decreased costs and time to fill. The negative is many organizations are hesitant to enter into this type of agreement, due to the ongoing monthly costs and the long-term commitment.

When you work with a contingency talent acquisition agency or independent third-party recruiter, you never pay a fee - unless you make a hire. While these fees may be higher than what you can expect to pay with an RPO provider, RecruitAlliance can put your organization back in control of recruiting costs, without requiring long-term contracts or hefty monthly fees.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based recruiting vendor communication platform that puts employers and HR departments back in control of recruiting costs. It removes the necessity for RFP processes, contract and fee negotiations, and lengthy commitments.

RPOs seem to be the buzz-word in the human resources industry today, and they certainly offer value for many organizations. Recruiting agencies, when coupled with RecruitAlliance, offer a competitive value proposition that rivals other options and decreases overall recruiting costs.

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