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Headhunters versus technology: Who wins in the recruitment of passive talent?

RecruitAlliance helps organizations quickly identify top talent, while saving money.Headhunters, agency and independent third-party recruiters have one major advantage over any recruiting technology available today - they can interact with prospective candidates and effectively close the gaps where recruitment tools and technology leave off. When an organization requires tangible hiring results, the services of a professional search firm are far more likely to surface and refer viable candidates, versus any of the latest computer programs, job boards and cloud-based tools.

Why the push to find alternatives to staffing companies and third-party recruiting agencies when new recruiting technologies provide more access to higher quality candidates?

Here are three reasons your organization must focus on leveraging headhunters to fill your toughest positions as an ongoing strategy:

1. Your internal recruitment team does not have the manpower or the training to quickly identify the top candidates quickly. This is an ongoing problem across many small, medium, and large companies. Your team is so focused on filling entry and mid-level positions that carry a higher turn-over, the high-level searches are not approached appropriately. Search professionals fill this gap by providing you with pre-qualified candidates who are ready to meet with you; effectively reducing your time to fill.

2. The HR and Recruiting team process active applicants - not cold call and passively source. Your recruitment marketing budget drives candidates to your ATS, and the team is supposed to process them on a timely basis. In reality, most organizations would end up paying overtime to incorporate passive sourcing in their internal recruitment plan - driving up the cost-per-hire. Realistically, third-party recruitment solves this problem immediately.

3. Companies who pair technology with their use of external recruitment providers gain the highest level of results. RecruitAlliance is a powerful communication tool and recruiting agency management solution available to hiring companies at no cost. This solution provides power insights into the key metrics that assess performance - while empowering organizations to remove the RFP process and control costs.

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How NOT to hire the right candidate

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Recruitalliance makes business development for recruiters - SIMPLE!If you are involved in a challenging search and seeking guidance from articles and research provided on the internet, you know there is no shortage of advice. Most Human Resources departments, corporate recruiters and external recruitment agencies know what qualities, experience and background they need to determine whether a candidate is a potential fit for their position. Taking that candidate from the prospect stage to hire is where the challenges present themselves - unless you're armed with the right information.

Here are 5 things every recruiter must know, to NOT hire the right candidate:

1. Let your calls forward to voicemail. You've posted your openings on every job board on the web. After reaching out to passive candidates in your network and all of the front-end work you've completed, you're dropping the ball if you avoid phone calls! Every person you speak with may not be a prospect, but they are definitely another opportunity to network. Take each call as possible, and network with everyone.

2. Don't join LinkedIn groups. If you aren't already leveraging Linkedin's groups, this is an excellent opportunity to extend your networking efforts in the areas you're seeking talent. You can post jobs at no cost, create discussions, and view membership lists to make direct contact with prospective candidates. If you're a recruiter who doesn't use this Groups feature - one thing is for sure, you're not filling jobs.

3. Work 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. Successful recruiters make themselves available to their candidates anytime. They are available for a Saturday interview, will meet for coffee after dinner, and will rearrange their social schedule to accommodate their candidates' needs. If you're working only while your candidates are at work, chances are you're missing opportunities to make fills.

4. Don't respond to your emails on a timely basis. Many candidates find it easier to respond to your inquiries via email, while they're at work. Oftentimes, you'll receive a resume from an "on-target" candidate, simply by leaving them a voicemail. If you don't check your email frequently and respond promptly, you're likely leaving candidates and the fees they generate for you - behind.

5. Avoid keeping your candidate in the loop, once they've interviewed with a hiring manager. Your candidates and hiring managers have the expectation you will keep them informed throughout the consideration process. Just because the hiring company pays your fees, it's important to remember there would be no fees without the candidate. Provide the same quality communication with all of your candidates, and you'll gain a good reputation in the industry and will differentiate yourself from the competition.

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5 reasons smart competitors are already leveraging RecruitAlliance as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy

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RecruitAlliance empowers your team to fill jobs faster and more efficiently.We live in an era where new software, recruiting tools and websites show up on the scene with high frequency, to help recruiters, human resources and hiring managers uncover top talent faster than ever before. For every organization, time is money; it stands to reason that speeding up the hiring process will have a positive impact throughout the company.

RecruitAlliance has been helping savvy, strategic companies with a true vision and focus on "quality of hire," since 2001. Not your modern day "tool of the week," RecruitAlliance is a long-term solution that drives results.

Here are 5 reasons your competitors are already utilizing RecruitAlliance (RA) to fill their key roles, and why you should sign up for your complimentary employer test-drive today:

1. RA empowers hiring companies to post their fee-eligible roles on this "members only" website, and begin receiving qualified, on-target candidates from professional, vetted external recruiters in as little as a few hours. All recruiting agencies who are members of the platform are screened and approved before they are given access to the site. Stop shopping for quality recruitment agencies to partner with for your niche searches.

2. Put an end to the RFP process. With RA, all recruiters must agree to your terms and conditions prior to submitting their first candidate to you through the website. For some companies, the RFP process alone can add weeks and even months to a priority candidate search. With RecruitAlliance, all obstacles between you and highly desirable candidates are removed.

3. Your company sets the fee you're willing to pay upon successful hire. RA works like a job board that is accessible exclusively by employers and third party recruiters. When you post your requisition, you include the amount you're willing to pay along with a thorough job descriptions and candidate "must haves." You remain in control of costs at all times.

4. Experience the power of large numbers. When you work with one or two recruiting agencies occasionally, they aren't always the best partners for all types of searches. When you post your fee-eligible position on RA, those recruiters who specialize in the space you're seeking qualified candidates will submit qualified individuals for your review - because they already have them in the pipeline. This significantly cuts down on your time to fill.

5. RecruitAlliance literally automates the process of working with external recruiting vendors, while providing hiring companies with real-time reporting and on-going results. RA removes the obstacles of working with third-party talent acquisition companies, and creates a cloud-based environment that stimulates more fills - more efficiently.

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Outsourcing recruitment = greater internal process efficiency

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RecruitAlliance rivals RPOs in reducing recruitment costs and time to fill.In a recent article dated 7/1/2012 on, the question is posed; "Can a vendor beat the costs and benefits of in-house recruiters?" As organizations look or continuous ways to decrease costs while decreasing time to fill, HR, internal recruiters and hiring managers realize the necessity of leveraging third-party recruiting resources.

What is the difference between an RPO and utilizing a recruiting agency to fulfill your hiring needs? Let's compare and contrast these two resources, and determine the pros and cons of using each solution.

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcer. RPOs provide a steady candidate flow for both small and large corporations. They act as an extension of your internal team and strive to enhance your company's brand and image. In terms of cost and contract commitment, you will typically sign a one year or more agreement with the RPO provider. you pay a monthly fee based on the total number of searches being serviced, and an additional premium as requisitions are filled. The positives to this type of business arrangement are decreased costs and time to fill. The negative is many organizations are hesitant to enter into this type of agreement, due to the ongoing monthly costs and the long-term commitment.

When you work with a contingency talent acquisition agency or independent third-party recruiter, you never pay a fee - unless you make a hire. While these fees may be higher than what you can expect to pay with an RPO provider, RecruitAlliance can put your organization back in control of recruiting costs, without requiring long-term contracts or hefty monthly fees.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based recruiting vendor communication platform that puts employers and HR departments back in control of recruiting costs. It removes the necessity for RFP processes, contract and fee negotiations, and lengthy commitments.

RPOs seem to be the buzz-word in the human resources industry today, and they certainly offer value for many organizations. Recruiting agencies, when coupled with RecruitAlliance, offer a competitive value proposition that rivals other options and decreases overall recruiting costs.

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