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Recruiting process and the candidate experience connection

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RecruitAlliance empowers employers to create a quality candidate experience in their recruitment process.How does your company approach creating a quality candidate experience? It doesn't matter what industry or specialty area you're seeking talent; when you want to hire the best - you have to analyze your recruiting process from the candidates' perspective to ensure its efficiency and overall effectiveness.

Organizations, hiring managers, recruiters and HR drop the ball in their recruitment process when:

1. They count on software to sort and screen qualified individuals.
2. Their internal hiring process lacks strict time lines for making a hiring decision and communicating this to their candidates.
3. They have the false notion their company's reputation and prestige will supersede a poor candidate experience.

It's time for smart companies to wake-up! Hiring managers and HR have to evaluate the results of their internal recruiters and tap into external resources to get the highest quality talent faster and more efficiently.

RecruitAlliance is a free tool that addresses all the issues mentioned and provides viable solutions to the problems employers routinely have in creating an exceptional candidate experience:

~ it's a comprehensive, web-based, 3rd party recruitment management suite
~ you'll significantly decrease your time to fill
~ it alleviates the need for time consuming RFP processes
~ empowers organizations to manage their overall recruitment spend
~ facilitates quality partnerships between your company and highly networked, professional 3rd party recruiters
~ it has an overall positive impact to the candidate experience, saves time, and improves the way your company recruits top talent.

Learn more about RecruitAlliance at

The link between your company's recruitment process and the candidate experience is undeniable. Focus on creating a more streamlined internal process and you'll be on the road to securing higher quality talent.

Does social media produce better results in recruiting?

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RecruitAlliance puts your social media recruitment strategy on steriods.If you're a recruiter, you likely receive at least 1+ invitation per week to training webinars addressing how to leverage the latest social media website to come on the scene. Let's face the facts; unless you're a direct connection with that candidate, you likely only have access to their name, and if you're lucky, the company they work for. If you have a good database, you probably already had this information to begin with - so is social media really generating results for hiring organizations and third party recruiters?

Today, we're going to address the five most impactful ways you can leverage LinkedIn to increase your access to qualified candidates.

1. Determine which LinkedIn Groups your candidates are members of, and join them. You don't have to be direct connections to send messages to these individuals, and you have the ability to extend your reach and access a larger talent pool. You'll also have the ability to post discussions within your groups, and engage potential candidates in quality public conversation.

2. Use the search function to find candidates that meet your requirements, and call them directly. The LinkedIn people search function can lead you to additional results as part of your name sourcing efforts. If you're not connected - pick up the phone and call the candidate at work. There's more than one way to get to passive candidates.

3. Update your LinkedIn status regularly. Your connections that have opted to receive regular updates will see your name and hottest job opportunities if you're making regular updates to your LinkedIn status. Take advantage of having your name recognized by the candidates you are targeting and those you regularly work with.

4. Connect your blog and other social media to update automatically. You can edit your profile to include neat applications like your WordPress blog updates, or have your Twitter status update on LinkedIn. Take every opportunity to provide fresh content, so that candidates and visitors will want to return to your profile.

5. Ensure your profile has searchable keywords your potential candidates and clients will be looking for. When you search for candidates, what terms are you using? Incorporate similar terms in your profile to ensure you're found within your niche.

LinkedIn and other social media can be helpful ways for recruiters to connect with candidates, if leveraged efficiently. Whether you use it as a name sourcing tool or as a virtual Rolodex, social media offers a rich way to connect with peers, clients and candidates.

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RecruitAlliance: Recruit for your company in real time

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RecruitAlliance empowers employers to recruit top talent faster.If you've never used RecruitAlliance to uncover top talent for your company, there's never been a better time to get started. Unlike submitting searches to recruiting agencies and waiting, RecruitAlliance provides employers with real-time information and updates as third-party recruiters move your prospective candidates through the process.

Here's how it works:

1. Employers post their fee-eligible requisitions on RecruitAlliance. The site is accessible for employer or recruiter members only.
2. Recruiters specializing in your area of talent needs are immediately informed of the posting via email.
3. Talent acquisition specialists review your requisition, screening requirements and "must haves" for the position. They review the fee you'll pay upon successful hire, and agree to that prior to submitting their matching candidates.
4. When any new candidate is submitted through RecruitAlliance, the hiring company is notified immediately via email. Employers can log in to their account, and view a complete list of where each candidate is at in the screening and hiring process for an instant snapshot of progress on the search.
5. You control the speed of the hire - employers move the candidates through the process to fill their most urgent talent needs on their own time-line.

RecruitAlliance takes the process of working with search firms and managing the relationship to a whole new level. You'll gain insight and have real-time statistics on each recruiters' production and results, so you'll know whether you should leverage that agency in the future. The platform empowers employers to more effectively manage costs while reducing the amount of time necessary to efficiently recruit passive candidates.

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