3 tips to add top talent to your active candidate pool

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Let RecruitAlliance help you scout the best talent for your requisitions.From many hiring managers' perspectives, utilizing contingency recruiters is a last ditch effort to fill a position when the internal recruiting team could not. In order to remain competitive in the war on talent, progressive and forward-thinking companies understand they must constantly be in a state of scouting the best candidates to fill their key positions.

Does your organization focus exclusively on managing your active candidate pool, or are you looking ahead of tomorrow, and leveraging recruiting agencies to act as talent scouts on your behalf?

Many HR representatives and corporate recruiters are hesitant to engage external headhunters, because of high fees and the red-tape that goes along with the RFP process. In actuality, the true beauty of working with external recruiters and contingency agencies is the fact there is never a fee until you've hired the candidate. Why wouldn't every company leverage this third-party source of quality candidates? It's the recruiting agency that has the investment of time, money and energy to produce results. If you end up hiring an active applicant, or finding the right hire on your own - no harm, no foul.

More companies are utilizing recruiting agencies as a regular talent scout service, because they can't afford not to. There's no risk, it keeps the internal recruiting team on their toes, and it provides a more consistent flow of exceptional talent--which ultimately drives revenue for your company.

RecruitAlliance provides small, medium and large entities with a cloud-based recruiting solution at no cost. Simply log in to the portal, post your fee-eligible positions, and third-party recruiter members will submit their matching candidate referrals. Best of all, they agree to your terms and conditions prior to forwarding their first candidate, and keep you in control of the business relationship.

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