Strategic and Tactical Recruiting Solution for Hiring Leaders

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RecruitAlliance eliminates the RFP process to leverage external recruiting agencies.

Working in a leadership role can quickly become stressful and daunting when there are key positions within the organization waiting to be filled. Often, requisitions can go for months without being filled--creating a hardship on your entire department. You've sat down with your HR and internal Recruiters to come up with a strategic plan to uncover and attract talent for your most pressing openings, but there has been limited success.

What solution do hiring leaders, HR managers and corporate recruiters turn to in this type of crisis for results?

RecruitAlliance is a strategic and tactical recruiting tool utilized by some of the most successful small, medium and large companies today. It enables hiring leaders to leverage the extended reach of an unlimited team of external recruiters--in just minutes.

Take your focus away from vetting recruitment agencies, and answering multiple questions from external recruiters. Simply log in to the RecruitAlliance website, post your requirements on the "members only" portal and see results.

Depending on the size of your company, you may have specific RFP processes in place that dictate your ability to work with outside talent acquisition companies. RecruitAlliance puts an end to this outdated procedure--every agency who submits a candidate to you has already agreed to the terms and conditions you set forth. The need to negotiate and manage fees with your recruiting vendors has been completely eliminated.

RecruitAlliance is a better way to work with third-party recruiters. As a hiring leader, it provides you with the ability to take more effectively deal with the strategic and tactical issues in meeting your talent requirements. To learn more about the RecruitAlliance solution and begin filling your toughest positions at no additional cost, visit


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