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3 warning signs your competition is recruiting the best candidates in your market

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RecruitAlliance helps organizations create a positive candidate experience.How much is one exceptional leadership candidate worth to your company? What is the value of a key staff member, when the rest of the team struggles to complete their own tasks--and that of the individual lost to your top competitor? Attrition is one of the most significant financial losses for a large number of organizations. Improve your recruitment process, implement a comprehensive orientation/training period, and give employees the tools to succeed in their roles and you not only keep good people--you build a better recruitment brand.

Today, let's take a look at the 3 warning signs your competition is recruiting the top caliber candidates in your industry, and how you can take giant leaps to win the race for talent.

1. Does your company offer a competitive compensation package? It may sound elementary, but there are actually organizations who believe they can get away with paying less than their competition. They turn to HR and the Recruitment staff to "point the finger" when they lose candidates to their competitors. Regardless of your company's reputation, location, perks, etc., if you can't compete in terms of money, you're losing the best candidates.

2. Is your recruitment process designed to continuously attract the highest caliber applicants? Casting an on-going wide net to obtain and retain a strong workforce is key to your organization's overall success. Internal recruiting efforts must focus on creating a quality candidate experience, while utilizing recruiting agencies and third-party recruiters as passive sourcing partners is key to improving your bottom line. Learn more about seamlessly managing your relationships with recruiting agencies and third-party recruiters, at no cost.

3. Does your company reward top performers and create an environment of collaboration? If you look at some of the strongest companies around the world, they typically share one thing in common--their culture is all about the team, and individuals who contribute above and beyond expectations are rewarded for their performance. Organizations fail to attract the best candidates when their culture is negative and lacking a true sense of the team concept.

Is your competition beating you to recruit and retain the best candidates in today's market? If this is an ongoing struggle for your business, it's time to position yourself to succeed by addressing these important issues.

4 tips to finding and vetting the right external recruiter for your specialized hiring needs

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters and hiring managers communicate more effectively.Regardless of the number of tough-to-fill jobs your organization has at any given time, it's important that you have established relationships with third-party recruiters who are ready and able to provide you with a consistent flow of top quality candidates. Where to find the right recruiting or staffing agency who can produce results can be a challenging and time-consuming effort in its own right. Here are 4 tips to help hiring managers find the right talent acquisition assistance, when they need it most.

1. Target contingency recruiters who are experts in your "space." In order to fill your open requisitions in the most efficient and effective manner, you must work with those recruiting specialists who have a large database of qualified candidates who fit the profile for your position. Generalists may have a higher volume of candidates in their database, but if their background is not targeted, your time will be wasted. Always know the recruiters' area of expertise, and leverage this.

2. Ask your recruiter for specific deliverables and specify the dates you want results. Remember, it's not enough to say "I want candidates yesterday!" Determine when you are available to interview and communicate your target date to hire.

3. Communication is the key to results. Are you providing timely feedback to your recruiters once you've seen his or her candidates? This doesn't have to be a daunting process--but it's necessary for recruiters to tweak their search efforts. The client/recruiter relationship is only successful if it's a two-way street.

4. Simplify the recruiter vetting and relationship management process. RecruitAlliance empowers employers and hiring managers to leverage the right recruiters to recruit the right candidates in the most effective manner. Employers simply post their job requirements on the site, including their terms and conditions and the fee their willing to pay to the recruiter who produces the winning candidate. It's a powerful communication portal for recruiters and employers. From their dashboard, hiring managers can assess recruiter performance and manage the work flow of the relationship, from beginning to hire.

Learn more about how to leverage the RecruitAlliance platform at no cost.

3 tips to add top talent to your active candidate pool

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Let RecruitAlliance help you scout the best talent for your requisitions.From many hiring managers' perspectives, utilizing contingency recruiters is a last ditch effort to fill a position when the internal recruiting team could not. In order to remain competitive in the war on talent, progressive and forward-thinking companies understand they must constantly be in a state of scouting the best candidates to fill their key positions.

Does your organization focus exclusively on managing your active candidate pool, or are you looking ahead of tomorrow, and leveraging recruiting agencies to act as talent scouts on your behalf?

Many HR representatives and corporate recruiters are hesitant to engage external headhunters, because of high fees and the red-tape that goes along with the RFP process. In actuality, the true beauty of working with external recruiters and contingency agencies is the fact there is never a fee until you've hired the candidate. Why wouldn't every company leverage this third-party source of quality candidates? It's the recruiting agency that has the investment of time, money and energy to produce results. If you end up hiring an active applicant, or finding the right hire on your own - no harm, no foul.

More companies are utilizing recruiting agencies as a regular talent scout service, because they can't afford not to. There's no risk, it keeps the internal recruiting team on their toes, and it provides a more consistent flow of exceptional talent--which ultimately drives revenue for your company.

RecruitAlliance provides small, medium and large entities with a cloud-based recruiting solution at no cost. Simply log in to the portal, post your fee-eligible positions, and third-party recruiter members will submit their matching candidate referrals. Best of all, they agree to your terms and conditions prior to forwarding their first candidate, and keep you in control of the business relationship.

To learn more about RecruitAlliance, or schedule your complimentary demo, visit

Strategic and Tactical Recruiting Solution for Hiring Leaders

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RecruitAlliance eliminates the RFP process to leverage external recruiting agencies.

Working in a leadership role can quickly become stressful and daunting when there are key positions within the organization waiting to be filled. Often, requisitions can go for months without being filled--creating a hardship on your entire department. You've sat down with your HR and internal Recruiters to come up with a strategic plan to uncover and attract talent for your most pressing openings, but there has been limited success.

What solution do hiring leaders, HR managers and corporate recruiters turn to in this type of crisis for results?

RecruitAlliance is a strategic and tactical recruiting tool utilized by some of the most successful small, medium and large companies today. It enables hiring leaders to leverage the extended reach of an unlimited team of external recruiters--in just minutes.

Take your focus away from vetting recruitment agencies, and answering multiple questions from external recruiters. Simply log in to the RecruitAlliance website, post your requirements on the "members only" portal and see results.

Depending on the size of your company, you may have specific RFP processes in place that dictate your ability to work with outside talent acquisition companies. RecruitAlliance puts an end to this outdated procedure--every agency who submits a candidate to you has already agreed to the terms and conditions you set forth. The need to negotiate and manage fees with your recruiting vendors has been completely eliminated.

RecruitAlliance is a better way to work with third-party recruiters. As a hiring leader, it provides you with the ability to take more effectively deal with the strategic and tactical issues in meeting your talent requirements. To learn more about the RecruitAlliance solution and begin filling your toughest positions at no additional cost, visit

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