Spring Clean your Recruiting Desk and Fill More Jobs with Quality Candidates

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters and employers spring clean their unfilled requisitions more efficiently.The flowers are in full-bloom and the weather is slowly warming up. Spring has sprung, and it's time eliminate those tough-to-fill requisitions and produce results. Whether you're a corporate talent acquisition specialist, hiring manager or third-party recruiter, Spring is the perfect time to clean up those unfilled reqs and become more productive.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based solution that saves hiring organizations and recruiters time while creating a more efficient workflow process.

    For Hiring Companies

1. There's no cost to utilize this solution.
2. Post the fee-eligible positions on the RecruitAlliance website you would normally send out to agencies. Don't worry, your jobs are not accessible by the general public.
3. Recruiter members send you highly qualified candidates who meet your parameters and criteria, and agree in advance to the fee you're offering upon fill.
4. Say goodbye to lengthy RFP processes and endless cold calls by recruiters--communication is done through the RA portal, unless you choose otherwise.

    For Third-Party Recruiters

1. Increase efficiency by decreasing time-spent on business development.
2. Membership expands your client portfolio, and offers you the option to place candidates in a variety of verticals.
3. Submit your matching candidates for opportunities directly through the RecruitAlliance website, and receive real-time updates when an employer accepts, rejects or hires your candidates.
4. Focus on income producing activities that increase your billings and grow your recruiting business.
5. Build new relationships through delivering results.

RecruitAlliance creates a win-win for both employers and recruiters alike. To sign up for a comprehensive demo of the site, go to

Get ready for a new look with many upgrades--coming soon!


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