Competitive edge in talent acquisition: Get it now.

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Regardless of your industry or market segment, finding new and creative ways to gain competitive edge is a constant challenge faced by all organizations. The ability to source, recruit and retain high-caliber talent is the one resource that most deeply impacts any organization's bottom-line.

Today, we're going to examine 4 strategies your company can quickly implement to effectively gain competitive edge quickly and efficiently.

1. Engage in an aggressive passive sourcing strategy. In today's candidate pool, recruiters must carve out time in their schedule to connect with passive candidates. While the active pool may be large and create a high-volume of work for HR departments on it own, spending a portion of the week on passive sourcing is a critical piece of winning the war for top talent.
2. Leverage technology to improve company branding and visibility. Is your organization utilizing video for interviewing and promotion? Numerous case studies indicate video shorten recruiting cycle, and incorporating promotional videos through sites like Youtube and Vimeo create a greater presence for your employment brand.
3. Social media allows your company to connect with candidates on a deeper level. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging are just some of the most prevalent ways to increase your candidate reach on a reasonable budget. While the rules of social media change frequently for businesses, the ROI is well worth it.
4. RecruitAlliance helps hiring companies utilize third-party recruiting resources in a one-step process. Simply log in to your employer account, post your fee-eligible positions along with the fee your willing to pay, and receive only on-target candidates from vetted third-party recruiter members. RecruitAlliance reduces your time to fill, and increases your quality of hire.

In order to stay on top of your competition, it's imperative your organization focus on hiring the the best talent. Passive sourcing, leveraging technology, maximizing social media, and incorporating RecruitAlliance as part of your overall recruiting strategy can greatly differentiate your company from your competitors.


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