Increase quality candidate flow in less than 20 minutes per week

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RecruitAlliance creates better quality candidate flow.Is your HR department spending time each week connecting with current and new third-party recruiting resources? Obtaining weekly updates, vetting new agencies, adding new parameters to the search after reviewing candidate referrals--these are all time consuming activities associated with utilizing staffing and recruiting agencies.

There is a viable and seamless solution to effectively leveraging and managing your relationships at no cost.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based, third-party recruiter relationship management solution that saves hiring organizations both time and money, while increasing quality candidate flow. Here's how it works:

1. Registered hiring companies post a detailed job description along with any specific screening instructions for the recruiters. (This process typically takes less than 20 minutes).

2. External recruiters submit their on-target candidates with matching skills and experience, who have been pre-qualified and pre-screened for the position.

3. The recruiters accept your terms and conditions PRIOR to submitting all candidates--no more haggling while effectively managing costs.

4. Your internal team reviews each candidate through the RecruitAlliance portal. With one click of the mouse, you have the ability to accept or decline each candidate submitted.

5. Pay only for results. When a recruiter member fills your position, they receive 100% of their hard-earned fee.

RecruitAlliance allows human resources and corporate recruiters to spend less time working with external recruiting agencies, so there's more time for productivity. Having an increase in quality candidate flow ensures companies spend more time in front of high-quality talent, versus sifting through and endless mound of throw-away resumes.

Are you ready to increase your candidate flow without adding additional duties and tasks to your calendar? Test drive RecruitAlliance, today.


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