Three reasons the phone blows social networking away in Recruiting

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RecruitAlliance connects employers and recruiting agencies, to fill jobs faster.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are all venues Corporate and Third-Party Recruiters are exploring to find candidates for their open requisitions. These social networking platforms offer millions of connections, and the possibility of communicating with top talent--without ever picking up the telephone to make a cold call. Social media has created an environment in which companies and their recruiters can literally avoid communicating directly with candidates, and thus garner interest in their open positions more efficiently. While leveraging social networks is an excellent long-term strategy, does it really make sense for those immediate talent needs? Let's take a look at three reasons the telephone should always be the recruiters' first choice when recruiting top talent for pressing opportunities.

1. Verbal communication with a candidate develops rapport and trust much faster than through social network messaging. Is it really possible to build a relationship via email or any other type of text messaging? While some might think so, there's something to be said for traditional telephone conversations. Once of the best things about speaking directly with a candidate is the fact you can determine whether or not they are interested in making a career move, without having to wait for their response.

2. As more recruiters utilize email and social media to connect with candidates, those who utilize the phone are differentiating themselves. When a candidate has a question or concern, they are not going to send you a Facebook Instant Message, or Twitter Direct Message--unless that's the only option they have. They're going to call you, so they can get answers. Likewise, the phone empowers recruiters to provide quality customer service to their candidates, with very minimal effort.

3. Short term recruiting is very different from long-term talent acquisition strategies. The phone provides recruiters with the immediate feedback to fill jobs ASAP, versus in three to six months. In order to be an effective recruiter today, professionals must utilize a variety of methods to create a consistent flow of quality candidates.

Since the very beginning of time, the phone has been considered the most important tool for Human Resources, Headhunters, and Staffing Agencies, alike. When immediate feedback and answers are necessary, there is nothing else that truly compares. RecruitAlliance is a tool that connects hiring organizations with recruiting agencies, in a convenient web-based platform. Employers post their positions and choose the fee they're willing to pay. Recruiters compete to fill those positions, and submit their top candidates through the website. Test-drive RecruitAlliance now.

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