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Spring Clean your Recruiting Desk and Fill More Jobs with Quality Candidates

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RecruitAlliance helps recruiters and employers spring clean their unfilled requisitions more efficiently.The flowers are in full-bloom and the weather is slowly warming up. Spring has sprung, and it's time eliminate those tough-to-fill requisitions and produce results. Whether you're a corporate talent acquisition specialist, hiring manager or third-party recruiter, Spring is the perfect time to clean up those unfilled reqs and become more productive.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based solution that saves hiring organizations and recruiters time while creating a more efficient workflow process.

    For Hiring Companies

1. There's no cost to utilize this solution.
2. Post the fee-eligible positions on the RecruitAlliance website you would normally send out to agencies. Don't worry, your jobs are not accessible by the general public.
3. Recruiter members send you highly qualified candidates who meet your parameters and criteria, and agree in advance to the fee you're offering upon fill.
4. Say goodbye to lengthy RFP processes and endless cold calls by recruiters--communication is done through the RA portal, unless you choose otherwise.

    For Third-Party Recruiters

1. Increase efficiency by decreasing time-spent on business development.
2. Membership expands your client portfolio, and offers you the option to place candidates in a variety of verticals.
3. Submit your matching candidates for opportunities directly through the RecruitAlliance website, and receive real-time updates when an employer accepts, rejects or hires your candidates.
4. Focus on income producing activities that increase your billings and grow your recruiting business.
5. Build new relationships through delivering results.

RecruitAlliance creates a win-win for both employers and recruiters alike. To sign up for a comprehensive demo of the site, go to

Get ready for a new look with many upgrades--coming soon!

Competitive edge in talent acquisition: Get it now.

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Regardless of your industry or market segment, finding new and creative ways to gain competitive edge is a constant challenge faced by all organizations. The ability to source, recruit and retain high-caliber talent is the one resource that most deeply impacts any organization's bottom-line.

Today, we're going to examine 4 strategies your company can quickly implement to effectively gain competitive edge quickly and efficiently.

1. Engage in an aggressive passive sourcing strategy. In today's candidate pool, recruiters must carve out time in their schedule to connect with passive candidates. While the active pool may be large and create a high-volume of work for HR departments on it own, spending a portion of the week on passive sourcing is a critical piece of winning the war for top talent.
2. Leverage technology to improve company branding and visibility. Is your organization utilizing video for interviewing and promotion? Numerous case studies indicate video shorten recruiting cycle, and incorporating promotional videos through sites like Youtube and Vimeo create a greater presence for your employment brand.
3. Social media allows your company to connect with candidates on a deeper level. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogging are just some of the most prevalent ways to increase your candidate reach on a reasonable budget. While the rules of social media change frequently for businesses, the ROI is well worth it.
4. RecruitAlliance helps hiring companies utilize third-party recruiting resources in a one-step process. Simply log in to your employer account, post your fee-eligible positions along with the fee your willing to pay, and receive only on-target candidates from vetted third-party recruiter members. RecruitAlliance reduces your time to fill, and increases your quality of hire.

In order to stay on top of your competition, it's imperative your organization focus on hiring the the best talent. Passive sourcing, leveraging technology, maximizing social media, and incorporating RecruitAlliance as part of your overall recruiting strategy can greatly differentiate your company from your competitors.

Increase quality candidate flow in less than 20 minutes per week

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Categories: Corporate Recruiters, Human Resources, Third-Party Recruiters
RecruitAlliance creates better quality candidate flow.Is your HR department spending time each week connecting with current and new third-party recruiting resources? Obtaining weekly updates, vetting new agencies, adding new parameters to the search after reviewing candidate referrals--these are all time consuming activities associated with utilizing staffing and recruiting agencies.

There is a viable and seamless solution to effectively leveraging and managing your relationships at no cost.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based, third-party recruiter relationship management solution that saves hiring organizations both time and money, while increasing quality candidate flow. Here's how it works:

1. Registered hiring companies post a detailed job description along with any specific screening instructions for the recruiters. (This process typically takes less than 20 minutes).

2. External recruiters submit their on-target candidates with matching skills and experience, who have been pre-qualified and pre-screened for the position.

3. The recruiters accept your terms and conditions PRIOR to submitting all candidates--no more haggling while effectively managing costs.

4. Your internal team reviews each candidate through the RecruitAlliance portal. With one click of the mouse, you have the ability to accept or decline each candidate submitted.

5. Pay only for results. When a recruiter member fills your position, they receive 100% of their hard-earned fee.

RecruitAlliance allows human resources and corporate recruiters to spend less time working with external recruiting agencies, so there's more time for productivity. Having an increase in quality candidate flow ensures companies spend more time in front of high-quality talent, versus sifting through and endless mound of throw-away resumes.

Are you ready to increase your candidate flow without adding additional duties and tasks to your calendar? Test drive RecruitAlliance, today.

Does Source of Hire Equate to Quality of Hire?

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RecruitAlliance ensure your quality of hire reduces your cost per hire.It is a fact....any organization who effectively manages their relationships with external recruiting agencies will see a correlation between source of hire (agency), and the quality of hire. The true challenge presented to internal recruiting teams and hiring managers utilizing third-party recruiters is evaluating the time it takes to fill an opening and having the manpower to adequately manage the relationship(s) to determine the true ROI.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based solution that is 100% cost-free to hiring organizations, and provides a powerful communications and relationship management solution that creates thorough transparency between agency performance and time-to-fill. With a user-friendly interface and real-time reporting available on-demand, employers and Human Resources professional are able to move past the quality of hire guessing game.

Here are the top three benefits RecruitAlliance brings to the table for any growth-oriented hiring organization:

1. Post your jobs on RecruitAlliance, and tap into an expansive pool of passive talent. In case you haven't heard, the war on talent has waged once again. As we enter the next economic cycle, hiring organizations will be fighting for top talent, and this process requires preparation. Are you leveraging every recruitment option in your sourcing strategy? RecruitAlliance seamlessly aligns with your internal efforts, to create greater productivity.

2. Receive only qualified resumes, while reducing your cost per hire. Think about the additional work that comes with posting your open positions on a CareerBuilder, Monster, or some other niche job board. You're left sifting through endless resumes, most of which are not qualified. Posting your fee-eligible requisitions on RecruitAlliance allows you to receive pre-qualified, pre-screened candidates, and effectively reduce your time to hire.

3. Reduce the number of unwanted cold calls from staffing and recruiting agencies. Once you become a member of RecruitAlliance and are posting your positions on their platform, simply refer those agencies who call in to the RecruitAlliance website, and they'll take care of the rest. It's like having your own personal vetting committee on-call, to determine whether an agency is worthy of your business.

Source of hire really can equal quality of hire. Third-party recruiters and staffing agencies spend 100% of their time on the cultivation of top talent--so it stands to reason they can produce results for your most urgent talent needs.

Three reasons the phone blows social networking away in Recruiting

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Categories: Corporate Recruiters, Human Resources, Third-Party Recruiters
RecruitAlliance connects employers and recruiting agencies, to fill jobs faster.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are all venues Corporate and Third-Party Recruiters are exploring to find candidates for their open requisitions. These social networking platforms offer millions of connections, and the possibility of communicating with top talent--without ever picking up the telephone to make a cold call. Social media has created an environment in which companies and their recruiters can literally avoid communicating directly with candidates, and thus garner interest in their open positions more efficiently. While leveraging social networks is an excellent long-term strategy, does it really make sense for those immediate talent needs? Let's take a look at three reasons the telephone should always be the recruiters' first choice when recruiting top talent for pressing opportunities.

1. Verbal communication with a candidate develops rapport and trust much faster than through social network messaging. Is it really possible to build a relationship via email or any other type of text messaging? While some might think so, there's something to be said for traditional telephone conversations. Once of the best things about speaking directly with a candidate is the fact you can determine whether or not they are interested in making a career move, without having to wait for their response.

2. As more recruiters utilize email and social media to connect with candidates, those who utilize the phone are differentiating themselves. When a candidate has a question or concern, they are not going to send you a Facebook Instant Message, or Twitter Direct Message--unless that's the only option they have. They're going to call you, so they can get answers. Likewise, the phone empowers recruiters to provide quality customer service to their candidates, with very minimal effort.

3. Short term recruiting is very different from long-term talent acquisition strategies. The phone provides recruiters with the immediate feedback to fill jobs ASAP, versus in three to six months. In order to be an effective recruiter today, professionals must utilize a variety of methods to create a consistent flow of quality candidates.

Since the very beginning of time, the phone has been considered the most important tool for Human Resources, Headhunters, and Staffing Agencies, alike. When immediate feedback and answers are necessary, there is nothing else that truly compares. RecruitAlliance is a tool that connects hiring organizations with recruiting agencies, in a convenient web-based platform. Employers post their positions and choose the fee they're willing to pay. Recruiters compete to fill those positions, and submit their top candidates through the website. Test-drive RecruitAlliance now.

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