Assessing Candidates for Quality Fit

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RecruitAlliance is a communications and relationship management solution for hiring organizations and recruiting agencies.Recruiting the right candidate for your most pressing requisitions is not just about meeting professional experience requirements and matching credentials. One of the most challenging tasks Staffing Specialists and Corporate Recruiters face is having the ability to size up a candidate's personality and soft skills for fit with the organization's and department's culture. Equally important is gaining an understanding of the individual manager's personality, and the type of new hire who will work best under this leader's direction.

Here are five ways Recruiters can assess candidate fit and fill more open jobs, efficiently and effectively:

1. Know the top five primary activities the candidate will perform in the new role daily, and the approximate percentage of time spent on each task daily. This not only gives the candidate an idea of the core skills he/she will be expected to utilize on a daily basis, but enables the individual to choose whether this is the right direction for his/her career.
2. Have a strong understanding of the hard skills the candidate already possesses, and know which ones can be learned or developed on the job. This is a critical piece of information to determine fit. When communicating with the hiring manager, find out which skills are "must haves" and what is considered a "deal-breaker" and they won't want to see your candidate.
3. Does the department offer specific training for specific skills a candidate may lack? Be mindful of educational opportunities within the company, that may serve to fill gaps in the candidate's experience.
4. Will the hiring manager consider extensive work experience, in lieu of meeting educational requirements? If so, what are the acceptable parameters surrounding this requirement? Depending on your company's sector/industry, there can be many qualified candidates that have relevant work experience, but lack their degree.
5. If this is not a newly created position, do you know why previous employees have left this role? Recruiters are often the first ones to see an internal issue, when certain managers can't keep quality people in their department. This supports the importance for Recruiters to understand the culture within the various departments they recruit for, and fine-tuning their search to include determining fit for a specific management style.

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