The Greatest Challenge for Third-Party Recruiters Today

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RecruitAlliance helps third-party recruiters connect with hiring companies; reducing time spent on business development.The recruiting and staffing industry is in a constant state of evolution. New tools are being introduced in the market, at a higher rate than ever before. While many progressive companies attempt to evaluate new software as it is available, others have come to the conclusion their cost-per-hire begins to rise as they spend time and money involved in an endless evaluation stage. More interesting, is the fact that in spite of all the tools and technology being created, most forward-thinking companies are still actively utilizing headhunters to fill those positions that require talent from the passive pool.

What then, is the greatest challenge for agency recruiters today? A decade ago, hiring managers routinely hired your A-candidate with a mere recommendation and quality references. Today, organizations are more likely to run agency referred candidates through the same internal hiring process as the active pool. When was the last time your passive candidate interviewed?

That's right, interview preparation is the greatest challenge facing contingency recruiters today. Now more than ever, organizations embrace the behavioral-based interview. Without preparation, your A-candidate risks the possibility of failing, in spite of the fact he or she meets all of the qualifications of the position.

Preparing your candidates is as simple as spending 2 - 3 sessions simply going over the types of behavioral questions your candidate can anticipate over their phone and face-to-face interview. Your candidate must have the ability to articulate their unique value proposition by connecting the dots between their experiences, and the needs of the hiring company. Successful TPRs teach their candidates the following:

  • answer the interviewer's question as concisely as possible.

  • provide a recent example to illustrate your answer.

  • teach the candidate to discuss the positive impact their role played within the situation, and convey the results achieved.

  • RecruitAlliance connects agency recruiters with hiring companies, through a convenient cloud solution. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance website.


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