How to attract talent, when your competitors have more to offer

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RecruitAlliance connects hiring organizations with search firms to uncover top talent.Whether you're an HR Generalist, corporate recruiter or staffing specialist, you realize it's not challenging to attract top talent when you have more to offer the candidate than your competition. In more cases than not, this is not the case; whether the position is in an undesirable location, the compensation isn't as high as your competitors, the hours or shift aren't as attractive, etc.

What then, is the key to attracting top candidates, when you either aren't in a position to increase your budget or change the parameters of the position? Here are 4 ways you can attract great candidates, while improving your overall recruiting brand.

1. Sell the job location. No matter where the position is located, determine what's unique about it, and articulate the positives of it within the job description. Is your position in a city/state with a low cost of living? What's unique about the climate? Is it a great place to raise a family, or enjoy that city's culture? Find all the positives about the location.

2. Market the position around your company's vision. While compensation, benefits and location are of key importance to candidates, they are certainly not everything. The right candidate is looking for a professional home, where they can grow with your company. How can your candidates attain both personal and professional growth within your organization? Knowing this piece of information, and having the ability to articulate it to your prospective candidates is key.

3. How do you define success? If you can't provide this piece of information to your candidates, you can never attract the best and brightest. Candidates want to align themselves with an organization who shares their own idea of success, and empowers them to meet the objective. As an HR representative or recruiter, defining success, as it relates to the open requisition, is of critical importance.

4. Recruit and communicate with passion. If you aren't passionate about what you're recruiting for, it's not likely you're going to attract quality candidates. You have to believe in your company or client, communicate with transparency, and differentiate the positives of both the company and the position you're recruiting for.

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