Anatomy of a Recruiting Cold Call (part 2)

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RecruitAlliance removes the need for recruiters to cold call for business development.In part one of the article, we broke down the introduction, and the reasons it's necessary to obtain permission to continue the call. Let's continue the conversation where we left off.

3. Prepare and deliver a compelling pitch that speaks directly to your prospect, and deliver it well. To accomplish this goal, you mist perform research prior to making the call. Learn everything you can about the individual and company you're contacting, and build rapport by connecting your solution to them on a personal basis. What is their "pain," and how can your recruiting solution address this?

Recruiting marketing call: "Bob, my candidate has been with one of your top competitors for the past two years, and he was directly responsible for increasing sales 38% in just 6 months. He has a great personality, and graduated from your Alma Mater. I believe he's the perfect cultural fit for your department, because he's customer-service focused, with his eye on the bottom-line."

4. Always be closing (ABC). After you've delivered your pitch, the next logical step is to close the deal. In the case of the example just provided, we're closing for interview times.

Closing sample: "Bob, I believe it would be mutually beneficial for you and John to sit down together as soon as possible. My candidate's schedule is wide open this week, and I know the opportunity to speak with you is a priority for him. Let's set up a tentative date and time this week you're open, and once we hang up, I'll reach out to him to finish setting up a confirmed interview time."

Clients are prospective candidates, too! Ask the client if he knows of anyone who is open to hearing about new opportunities, and always be prepared for referrals.

5. Ending the call. Always summarize what your next steps are in the sales/recruiting process, before ending the call. Provide your client or candidate with expectations, and deliver them as promised.

RecruitAlliance removes the need for third-party recruiters to cold call clients, as part of their business development strategy. To learn more, visit


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