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Assessing Candidates for Quality Fit

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RecruitAlliance is a communications and relationship management solution for hiring organizations and recruiting agencies.Recruiting the right candidate for your most pressing requisitions is not just about meeting professional experience requirements and matching credentials. One of the most challenging tasks Staffing Specialists and Corporate Recruiters face is having the ability to size up a candidate's personality and soft skills for fit with the organization's and department's culture. Equally important is gaining an understanding of the individual manager's personality, and the type of new hire who will work best under this leader's direction.

Here are five ways Recruiters can assess candidate fit and fill more open jobs, efficiently and effectively:

1. Know the top five primary activities the candidate will perform in the new role daily, and the approximate percentage of time spent on each task daily. This not only gives the candidate an idea of the core skills he/she will be expected to utilize on a daily basis, but enables the individual to choose whether this is the right direction for his/her career.
2. Have a strong understanding of the hard skills the candidate already possesses, and know which ones can be learned or developed on the job. This is a critical piece of information to determine fit. When communicating with the hiring manager, find out which skills are "must haves" and what is considered a "deal-breaker" and they won't want to see your candidate.
3. Does the department offer specific training for specific skills a candidate may lack? Be mindful of educational opportunities within the company, that may serve to fill gaps in the candidate's experience.
4. Will the hiring manager consider extensive work experience, in lieu of meeting educational requirements? If so, what are the acceptable parameters surrounding this requirement? Depending on your company's sector/industry, there can be many qualified candidates that have relevant work experience, but lack their degree.
5. If this is not a newly created position, do you know why previous employees have left this role? Recruiters are often the first ones to see an internal issue, when certain managers can't keep quality people in their department. This supports the importance for Recruiters to understand the culture within the various departments they recruit for, and fine-tuning their search to include determining fit for a specific management style.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud-based technology that connects hiring organizations with recruiting agencies, and serves as a communications and relationship management portal for both parties. To learn more or schedule a demo, visit

The Greatest Challenge for Third-Party Recruiters Today

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RecruitAlliance helps third-party recruiters connect with hiring companies; reducing time spent on business development.The recruiting and staffing industry is in a constant state of evolution. New tools are being introduced in the market, at a higher rate than ever before. While many progressive companies attempt to evaluate new software as it is available, others have come to the conclusion their cost-per-hire begins to rise as they spend time and money involved in an endless evaluation stage. More interesting, is the fact that in spite of all the tools and technology being created, most forward-thinking companies are still actively utilizing headhunters to fill those positions that require talent from the passive pool.

What then, is the greatest challenge for agency recruiters today? A decade ago, hiring managers routinely hired your A-candidate with a mere recommendation and quality references. Today, organizations are more likely to run agency referred candidates through the same internal hiring process as the active pool. When was the last time your passive candidate interviewed?

That's right, interview preparation is the greatest challenge facing contingency recruiters today. Now more than ever, organizations embrace the behavioral-based interview. Without preparation, your A-candidate risks the possibility of failing, in spite of the fact he or she meets all of the qualifications of the position.

Preparing your candidates is as simple as spending 2 - 3 sessions simply going over the types of behavioral questions your candidate can anticipate over their phone and face-to-face interview. Your candidate must have the ability to articulate their unique value proposition by connecting the dots between their experiences, and the needs of the hiring company. Successful TPRs teach their candidates the following:

  • answer the interviewer's question as concisely as possible.

  • provide a recent example to illustrate your answer.

  • teach the candidate to discuss the positive impact their role played within the situation, and convey the results achieved.

  • RecruitAlliance connects agency recruiters with hiring companies, through a convenient cloud solution. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance website.

    How to attract talent, when your competitors have more to offer

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    RecruitAlliance connects hiring organizations with search firms to uncover top talent.Whether you're an HR Generalist, corporate recruiter or staffing specialist, you realize it's not challenging to attract top talent when you have more to offer the candidate than your competition. In more cases than not, this is not the case; whether the position is in an undesirable location, the compensation isn't as high as your competitors, the hours or shift aren't as attractive, etc.

    What then, is the key to attracting top candidates, when you either aren't in a position to increase your budget or change the parameters of the position? Here are 4 ways you can attract great candidates, while improving your overall recruiting brand.

    1. Sell the job location. No matter where the position is located, determine what's unique about it, and articulate the positives of it within the job description. Is your position in a city/state with a low cost of living? What's unique about the climate? Is it a great place to raise a family, or enjoy that city's culture? Find all the positives about the location.

    2. Market the position around your company's vision. While compensation, benefits and location are of key importance to candidates, they are certainly not everything. The right candidate is looking for a professional home, where they can grow with your company. How can your candidates attain both personal and professional growth within your organization? Knowing this piece of information, and having the ability to articulate it to your prospective candidates is key.

    3. How do you define success? If you can't provide this piece of information to your candidates, you can never attract the best and brightest. Candidates want to align themselves with an organization who shares their own idea of success, and empowers them to meet the objective. As an HR representative or recruiter, defining success, as it relates to the open requisition, is of critical importance.

    4. Recruit and communicate with passion. If you aren't passionate about what you're recruiting for, it's not likely you're going to attract quality candidates. You have to believe in your company or client, communicate with transparency, and differentiate the positives of both the company and the position you're recruiting for.

    RecruitAlliance is a powerful cloud solution that empowers organizations to gain access to top talent in their industry. To learn more, visit

    Anatomy of a Recruiting Cold Call (part 2)

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    RecruitAlliance removes the need for recruiters to cold call for business development.In part one of the article, we broke down the introduction, and the reasons it's necessary to obtain permission to continue the call. Let's continue the conversation where we left off.

    3. Prepare and deliver a compelling pitch that speaks directly to your prospect, and deliver it well. To accomplish this goal, you mist perform research prior to making the call. Learn everything you can about the individual and company you're contacting, and build rapport by connecting your solution to them on a personal basis. What is their "pain," and how can your recruiting solution address this?

    Recruiting marketing call: "Bob, my candidate has been with one of your top competitors for the past two years, and he was directly responsible for increasing sales 38% in just 6 months. He has a great personality, and graduated from your Alma Mater. I believe he's the perfect cultural fit for your department, because he's customer-service focused, with his eye on the bottom-line."

    4. Always be closing (ABC). After you've delivered your pitch, the next logical step is to close the deal. In the case of the example just provided, we're closing for interview times.

    Closing sample: "Bob, I believe it would be mutually beneficial for you and John to sit down together as soon as possible. My candidate's schedule is wide open this week, and I know the opportunity to speak with you is a priority for him. Let's set up a tentative date and time this week you're open, and once we hang up, I'll reach out to him to finish setting up a confirmed interview time."

    Clients are prospective candidates, too! Ask the client if he knows of anyone who is open to hearing about new opportunities, and always be prepared for referrals.

    5. Ending the call. Always summarize what your next steps are in the sales/recruiting process, before ending the call. Provide your client or candidate with expectations, and deliver them as promised.

    RecruitAlliance removes the need for third-party recruiters to cold call clients, as part of their business development strategy. To learn more, visit

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