Anatomy of a Recruiting Cold Call (Part 1)

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RecruitAlliance removes the necessity of cold calling clients for recruiters.In today's competitive recruiting environment, cold calling remains an essential element in the successful professional's arsenal. At the end of the day, no other available tool closes more business than the telephone.

Let's break down the cold call, and discuss the best way to deliver a script that works right with any personality.

1. Introduction. You can't begin a phone call without identifying who you are, what firm you represent, and a quick description of the purpose of your call--whether you're speaking to a prospective client or candidate. The introduction sets the tone and expectation of the conversation.

Marketing call sample: "Hello Bob. This is John Doe with ABC Staffing. I noticed you are looking for a new Sales Director, and I wanted to introduce a results-oriented candidate with 6 years experience in SaaS sales, as both an individual contributor and manager."

Recruiting call sample: "Good morning Mary. This is John Doe with ABC Staffing. I'm an Executive Recruiter specializing in the Engineering space, and I have an opportunity in your area that I really think has your name on it."

2. Obtain permission to continue the call. Many clients and candidates get frustrated when a headhunter calls, simply because he or she fails to ask whether this is a good time to speak. As such, the call comes across as more of a disruption, than as a helpful communication. It's not only considerate to ask permission to continue the call before moving on, but this simple task contributes to the recruiter's overall professionalism.
Sample: "Do you have a couple of minutes to talk now, or should we set up a time that works better for your schedule, later today?"

To be continued...

RecruitAlliance removes the need for third-party recruiters to cold call clients, as part of their business development strategy. To learn more, visit


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