Recruitment Process Improvement: The S.I.R. Method

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Let RecruitAlliance serve as your S.I.R. partner in 2012.With the economy crawling to recovery, organizations must focus on creating long-term strategies that consistently improve their internal recruiting processes, to ultimately save time and money. The fear for candidates to leave steady employment has been lifted, and we're seeing more movement between organizations than in the past 3 years. What can hiring organizations do to engage in the "war on talent" and progressively recruit top candidates, while effectively managing recruitment costs?

Have you heard of the S.I.R. Method? The Streamlined Internal Recruiting method is one means to ensure your company develops beneficial and results-oriented relationships with external recruiting agencies, so your human resources/recruiting team can focus on your own efforts to hire the best. The S.I.R. Method empowers companies to leverage the power of third-party recruiting agencies as talent scouts who serve as consistent talent providers. Here are the top 3 benefits of implementing the S.I.R. Method:

1. You never have to worry about contingency recruiter fees - because you set them. Progressive organizations realize the value of utilizing external talent acquisition professionals, because there is no risk - the contingency agency carries the risk, because you never have to hire their candidate. RecruitAlliance offers a cloud-based solution to implement the S.I.R. Method, seamlessly. Their service serves as a comprehensive, external recruitment management system - at no cost to employers.

2. S.I.R. Method adopters essentially outsource their external recruiter calls to their S.I.R. partner, like RecruitAlliance. Sick of receiving endless calls from headhunters? S.I.R. organizations add one small banner to their career page that directs recruiting agencies to their partner's website to view their open requisitions that are fee eligible. When time is money, Streamlined Internal Recruiting makes perfect sense.

3. RFP's are completely eliminated with the S.I.R. Method. When you have an urgent search and your current recruiting vendors aren't producing results, it becomes necessary to cast a wider net. Logically, you must take time out of your schedule to screen new recruiting agencies, deal with a time-consuming RFP process, negotiate pricing, and essentially lose more of your precious time. Everyone in your department is stretched thin as it is, plus you're short handed; adding insult to injury. With RecruitAlliance as your S.I.R. partner, there's no longer a need to have an RFP process because all external recruiters agree to your contract. Everything is managed "in the cloud," so there's no need to install expensive software, or take up precious storage space on your servers.

No matter how you slice it, Streamlined Internal Recruiting will change your organization forever, and position you to gain a competitive edge in the war on talent.


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