What the Grammy Awards and Recruiting Style have in Common

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Let RecruitAlliance make your recruiting performance worthy of a Grammy Award.Last night was the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, and as per usual, all the stars came out in their fashionable outfits, to honor some of the musicindustry's best. Those individuals honored are the top performers, sell the most records, and in general, their teams have done a better job marketing them to the public. Do you see any commonality between the Grammy's and your personal recruiting style? Here are 4 lessons every recruiter can learn from watching the Grammy Awards show.

1. Each of the Grammy winners aren't afraid to let their true personalities come out. As corporate and agency recruiters, we often try to follow the company policies and scripts to such a large extent, that we often forget to enjoy the human interaction with candidates. Candidates enjoy connecting with a recruiter who they can build rapport with easily, and connect with. Like with any sales role, your customers buy from you, because they are BUYING YOU. Follow your company's recruiting policies and procedures, but don't let that inhibit your self-projection to candidates and clients.

2. Artists up for the coveted awards, have a strong desire to win. Recruiting is as much of a contest as an awards program. There are going to be winners who consistently place quality candidates, and others who tend to be less successful. Start everyday with a task that makes it possible for you to win, and focus on obtaining the intended results.

3. Recognition is important to Grammy Awards winners. If you're like most competitive recruiters, you don't just want to make placements to hit a quota, or to bill more than your peers; you want to be recognized as a top talent acquisition specialist. Remember, there are no accidental winners at the Grammy's, or in the recruiting profession.

4. Many artists win Grammy's year after year. Just because you made more placements this month than your entire office, or received a bonus for referring more candidates than your colleagues in the office, doesn't mean you'll never have to work that hard again. Superb recruiting specialists know they have to push themselves harder month after month, and be self-motivated to achieve their personal goals.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 54th Grammy Awards--and here's to those Recruiters who take the time to implement the winner mindset. If you're looking for new and innovative ways to grow your billings for the next quarter, visit RecruitAlliance.


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