Superbowl of Recruiting: Corporate vs. Agency Recruiters

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RecruitAlliance helps corporate recruiters facilitate quality relationships with agencies.In Superbowl XLVI, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots battled it out on the field to determine the best NFL team for 2012. In the realm of recruiting, corporate recruiters and agency talent specialists battle it out to uncover the top talent in their target industries. Can these two types of recruiting specialists co-exist, to increase overall productivity for all parties involved?

If we were to sit down corporate recruiters from across the country and ask them what's the most positive aspect of their relationships with external staffing and recruiting agents, you might be surprised to know that most of them realize that external recruiters are better equipped to deliver exceptional talent for their most hard-to-fill positions. Sure, they aren't thrilled to field call after call from headhunters marketing their MPCs, but the majority realize that these specialists can deliver "the goods."

How can corporate recruiters build better relationships with the external agencies who can bring them the best candidates, when they are truly needed? Here are 4 tips to facilitate quality interactions with staffing and recruiting specialists, and how to maximize these partnerships to their fullest.

1. Leverage technology to manage and communicate with agency recruiters. RecruitAlliance provides a cloud-based, enterprise solution that allows corporate recruiters to more efficiently manage these important relationships. The solution is seamless to use, takes minutes per day to monitor, and allows companies to fill their positions more efficiently.

2. Put an end to unwanted headhunter calls. One of the greatest complaints of corporate recruiter is the constant flow of phone calls. RecruitAlliance serves as an organization's front-line defense against this internal productivity "buster." Companies provide instructions for agency recruiters on their career page, and they immediately know to visit the RecruitAlliance website to gain access to your fee-eligible positions, to quickly fill.

3. Stop wasting time vetting your agency recruiters. RecruitAlliance does this for you. Every external recruiter member has passed specific criteria to gain access to the site. This allows corporate recruiters and human resources professionals to focus on what they need to accomplish.

4. Realize that having access to quality recruitment professionals will ultimately benefit your organization. Third-party talent acquisition professionals can make your life much easier, when you least expect it. With RecruitAlliance, you're in control of setting the fee you're willing to pay, while eliminating the entire RFP process.

If the Superbowl were between Corporate and Agency Recruiters, the end result would be a tie. Both hold very important roles, and once they choose to work on the same team, all parties win.


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