Recruit Smarter 2012 (part 4): The Emergence of Applied Analytics

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RecruitAlliance provides analytics to help you measure recruiting success.A quality analytics program is the corporate and third-party recruiter's best friend. With such a high influx of information created by recruiting programs, choosing which metrics to focus on is an incredibly overwhelming task for any professional. As a rule of thumb, to improve the quality of your recruiting analytics program, it's essential to target the fundamentals.

Here are the top 5 tips to begin incorporating applied recruiting analytics in your organization, for a more effective and efficient hiring process in 2012.

1. Think proactively, and stop problems before they have the opportunity to start.
Have you ever encountered a problem in your recruiting process, that "snowballed" to the point you lost control of the situation, altogether? When you implement a quality recruiting analytics program, you have the ability to gain insight into problems before they ever begin. By having access to these analytics, you can solve problems immediately, as they surface, versus putting out fires after the fact.

2. Utilize recruiting analytics, to optimize your candidate flow.
Analyzing your candidate flow enables your company to examine the fairness and inclusiveness of your recruitment efforts. Applicant flow data refers to the analysis of differences in selection rates among different groups for a particular job. In addition, it aides companies in establishing how they will spend their money, time, and recruiting resources.

3. Know and understand your best source of applicants.
It's critical that your company track where your applicants are coming from, and their conversion rate from applicant to hire. Are your top-tier candidates coming from your membership with RecruitAlliance, where agency recruiters compete to fill your posted open requisitions, or is there a high number of applicants that are employee referrals? Transfer your recruiting focus, where you obtain the best results.

4. Look at what happens to the candidates beyond the completion of the application process.
If you're department has a high-volume of fall-offs, or applicants that are not hired because they accepted a different job, perhaps it's time to review your internal hiring process. Does your organization take longer than your competitors to on-board new employees? Is the candidate experience as good, if not better than other companies in your space? Determine your deficiencies, and make improvements, if necessary.

5. Stop missing opportunities!
One of the most costly mistakes in recruiting is procrastination and indecision. Are your hiring managers making timely decisions on candidates? Are qualified candidates being interviewed on a timely basis? Are your offers being accepted, or rejected? These are the metrics that most heavily impact any organization.

RecruitAlliance can help you tackle the challenges of obtaining quality metrics while utilizing external recruiting agencies. Know which company is sending you candidates that result in hires, understand and manage your annual agency spend, and put an end to the RFP process. To learn more, visit


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