Recruit Smarter 2012 part 3: Attracting Passive Candidates

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Recruit smarter in 2012, with RecruitAlliance.At the end of 2011, we learned the U.S. economy added 200,000 jobs. Interestingly enough, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the survey results they obtained from HR professionals in the service and manufacturing sectors indicate there will be a low rate of job creation for the month of January. According to SHRMs LINE Report, the number of requisitions is going down, while the need to find qualified candidates continues to rise.

For third-party recruiters, corporate recruiters and staffing professionals, this means their focus must be to attract and recruit passive candidates in more creative ways. What's considered creative, in a world where active and passive candidates are inundated with your organization's message across the social networks, through email, in print ads, career fairs, and radio spots? Here are 3 new strategies you can implement, to begin recruiting the top passive candidates in your space.

1. Consider starting a LinkedIn Professional group that specifically caters to your field. Setting up a professional group is a simple process, and you have the ability to send out invitations to your network. It's a great way to engage active and passive candidates more efficiently. As the administrator of the group, you have the ability to send out one email to all of your members once per week; so you'll never lose touch. Consider including a your hottest job opportunities in your weekly email, as well as other engaging conversation.

2. Incorporate more high-touch techniques in your recruiting efforts. One of the greatest failures of HR departments and third-party recruiters is the fact they receive a candidate resume, and don't take the time to ever provide that individual with a quick call or personalized email. It may seem counter-intuitive to create more work for yourself, but even if the candidate you're contacting will never be hired by your company, you can't assume they won't refer you an amazing new hire. Add them to your weekly or monthly newsletter; and always create a positive business relationship with every candidate. Regardless of whether you intend to hire an individual, 2012 is the year to implement higher quality customer service in your recruiting process.

3. Know who's working in key positions with your competitors, and set-up Google Alerts on those A-players. Your VP of Sales just resigned, and you're frantically attempting to post the requisition on your website, and with the major job boards. You've contacted your approved agency recruiters, or posted the position on RecruitAlliance; to streamline your workflow. If you have Google Alerts set up on all of the key VP of Sales candidates in your geographic area and space, you can literally provide that list to your team to reach out to them. If direct contact with a competitor's employee is not within your company policy, simply provide the candidate and company names to your third-party recruiters, and they'll handle the process for you.

2012 is the year to Recruit Smarter. If your organization or recruiting agency wants to attract the best candidates in the market, it's essential to become creative and innovative.


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