Recruit Smarter 2012 (part 2): Create an Enhanced Candidate Experience

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RecruitAlliance can help you improve your candidate's overall experience.When it comes to attracting top talent, whether you're a hiring manager, third-party recruiter, or human resources representative, the only way to hire the best is to create an enhanced candidate experience for all applicants. The days of thinking your company is so attractive to prospective candidates they will wait three to six months for an offer, is over. In order to keep up with your competition who's hiring from the same talent pool, it's necessary to implement new standards of customer service for your candidates. Here are 3 tips to quickly up your reputation amongst top talent, and ensure those A-players don't get scooped up by your competitors.

1. Examine your internal hiring processes, and ensure candidates receive adequate communication about their status on a timely basis. Nothing is worse, in the eyes of an applicant, than spending 45 minutes to an hour completing your online application, only to receive a two sentence auto-response, and nothing more. Is your team recycling your candidates; considering them for other matching positions? Maximize every candidate potential, and always be considerate of their interest in your organization.

2. Consider implementing or updating your mobile recruiting strategy. Some of the most progressive organizations have mobile recruiting sites, mobile interview scheduling, and even mobile interviews. For example, PNC uses a recorded audio interface to screen candidates more effectively and efficiently. Similar to a voicemail system, the mobile interview asks a recorded question then beeps, and then the candidate responds to the question. The applicant can complete the interview at his or her convenience and the recruiter can listen to his or her recorded answers later. Student applicants for jobs at PNC now participate in recorded video interviews to minimize travel, and the company is also piloting a live video interface for real-time interviews. 2012 is the year to get innovative.

3. Invest in heavily managing your company's "recruiting brand." Your team works diligently to connect with prospective candidates the social networks, at career fairs, and through creative job descriptions. In order to ensure your applicants have an exceptional experience, and continue to be attracted to your openings, you must monitor what's being said about working for your company. Whether you use Google Alerts, or pay for a premium service like, it's amazing how one candidate's bad experience can turn into a maelstrom for your hiring efforts. By focusing on providing a quality experience for each applicant, you protect your recruiting image, and ultimately remain attractive as an employer.

The one thing about recruiting that remains the same year after year, is the fact we must all treat candidates in the way we would want to be treated; or risk losing them to the competition. Your company can source higher quality candidates, faster than ever using RecruitAlliance. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance website.


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