Fill Key Positions Over the Holidays with RecruitAlliance

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RecruitAlliance can help you fill open positions over the holidays!Q4 can be a tough time of the year to hire top talent for your organization. The HR and Recruiting departments are operating on a skeleton crew to fit in year-end vacations and paid time-off. Team players who aren't taking personal time during November or December are often overwhelmed, and struggle to stay on top of their work load. Important requisitions often fail to get filled; both in-house or through your regular third-party recruiting agencies. Fortunately, the Holiday months don't have to remain less productive than the other three quarters.

What if you could fill your open positions during these trying months, without adding any additional stress to your already stretched in-house recruiters?

What if there's a more effective and efficient way to manage your relationships with third-party recruiters, that exponentially increases your talent acquisition power, while managing costs?

RecruitAlliance to the rescue! At no cost to hiring companies, RecruitAlliance (RA) facilitates a better way to work with recruiting agencies, to hire on-target candidates faster and seamlessly. Our customized "cloud" solution automates working with high volumes of participating agencies simple.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility, over a network. Leveraging the RA cloud solution this quarter can ensure your organization is set-up for a successful 2012. To learn more about RecruitAlliance, visit

What are the unique challenges facing your recruiting department as we approach the new year?


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