The Disconnect Between Hiring Managers and the Human Resources Recruiting Team

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RecruitAlliance helps corporate recruiters fill their positions faster.The human resource department is responsible for devising personnel strategies that align with the near and long term business goals of the organizations they support.

Sounds like an important corporate function … and it is. One part of the human resources team supports the organization with programs to nurture existing employees - a well-understood and valued corporate function. Another part of the team, human resources recruiting, supports the manpower needs of the organization by recruiting new employees - an undervalued and misunderstood corporate function. Why is there such a disconnect between the human resources recruiting team and the hiring managers they serve?

The importance of hiring the right employee is well understood. Get it right, and you increase the odds of reaching your business goals. Get it wrong, and the odds of reaching your business goals decline. To get it right, hiring manager’s turn to organizations that have a history of providing them with qualified candidates, human resources recruiting is not among them.

Mixed value - a term often used by hiring managers to describe the human resources recruiting organization. Third party recruiters, according to many hiring managers, are more effective at sourcing qualified candidates than their corporate recruiting counterparts. This view is held for several different reasons.

1. Relationships. Existing relationships with potential employees accelerate the recruiting process. HR recruiting organizations have few relationships. Third party recruiters have many relationships.
2. Marketing and Sales. Marketing and sales skills are required for successful searches. HR recruiting organizations have limited marketing and sales skills. Third party recruiters have extensive marketing and sales skills.
3. Knowledge. Specialized positions require knowledge of the specialized skills required to fill that position. Few HR recruiters possess this knowledge. Many third party recruiters focus their businesses on specialized skills.
4. Time. Successful searches require a great deal of time. The HR recruiting team is too busy with other matters to focus on a given search. Third party recruiters will devote the necessary time.
5. Compensation. Financial incentives generate results. HR recruiting organizations do not receive a financial incentive for placing an employee. Third party recruiters earn commissions for placements.

Third party recruiters have mixed feelings about the value of the human resources recruiting team as well, preferring to work directly with the hiring manager. These feelings are based upon a variety of factors, including:

1. Decision Makers. Third party recruiters prefer to work with a hiring decision maker, not an HR intermediary.
2. Candidate Visibility. Qualified third party candidates, submitted to HR recruiters, may never be presented to the hiring manager.
3. Attention. Corporate recruiters pay less attention to third party candidates than their own candidates.
4. Feedback. Corporate recruiters do not provide third party recruiters with accurate and timely feedback on the status of submitted candidates.
5. Fee Bias. Corporate recruiters prefer to work with candidates who do not require a placement fee.
6. Recruiter Bias. Corporate recruiters prefer to work with a select group of third party recruiters, leaving little opportunity for new third party recruiters.

Perception is reality. Not all value related issues raised by hiring managers and third party recruiters apply to every human resources recruiting organization. However, the human resources recruiting organization should strive to overcome these perceptions - by implementing programs to address them.

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