How staffing professionals can knock their 2011-Q4 quota out of the park

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Let RecruitAlliance make your December more productive.It's the Monday following Thanksgiving, and you're returning to your office after four days of turkey and pumpkin pie. In less than one month, you have the winter holidays, and there's a high probability you won't be able to reach candidates or hiring managers. Is December your time to throw up your hands, or is it time to roll up your sleeves? Here are five tips to help you end the final quarter of 2011 with a bang.

1. Candidates may have more time to take your call. You could have better luck reaching your target prospect in the office in December than at any other time. Not all candidates celebrate the holidays, and often the A-players are the ones you'll find at their desk while the rest of the office is involved in the annual gift exchange. Be committed to making your daily calls, and be sure to follow up via email when you don't make a phone connection.

2. Set up interviews with ease. December can be a great time for your candidate to take a few hours off their job to interview with your client. With all the hustle and bustle going on around the office, an employer is less likely to question why the candidate would need a couple of hours off.

3. Hiring managers are available. The Winter holiday month is great, because there are fewer meetings, professional conferences, or off-site events scheduled. The good news is hiring managers are generally in town and have few excuses for not reviewing candidates’ resumes. With a more responsive hiring manager, interviews can quickly be set up, and decisions can be made. Recruiters who really work this month can really increase their performance.

4. Your competition is taking time off. Recruiters who have the wrong mindset think December is a great time to take off work. Perfect for you! Candidates and hiring managers are receiving less calls from recruiters, so it's certainly a win-win for you. Make a big push this upcoming month, and see the results in your numbers.

5. Gatekeepers are not necessarily on guard this month. Many offices have temps filling in for the administrative assistants and department secretaries during the month of December. The chances of a temp being as skilled at blocking recruiter calls is far less likely than in other months. The best news is the holidays keep every one's spirits up, and they are more likely to accept your call now than at other times of operation.

Here's wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and a very productive month of December.


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