3 Tips to get the most from Social Media Recruiting

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RecruitAlliance can connect recruiters with fee-eligible jobs to fill, immediately!Uncovering top talent has often been compared to finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, recruiting agencies and headhunters make this task a part of their daily focus. Given the current economy, many employers and hiring managers find their pool of candidates has increased; but finding a quality candidate option is often just as challenging as ever.

In the search process, online tools have become an integral part of the overall sourcing strategy. Using social media for recruiting is one method of connecting with top candidates, if done correctly. Here are 3 tips to increase your social media recruitment success.

1. Connect with target candidates daily. Recruiting via the social networks is something you must do consistently. Set a specific number of people you want to talk to on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and other preferred media), and don't stop until you've met your daily goals.

2. Specific social media sites provide different results. Seasoned professionals and higher ranking C-Suite individuals are likely to disclose they are open to new career opportunities on LinkedIn; but they aren't necessarily Tweeting about it. Entry-level candidates may post a Facebook update they're looking for a job, and are less likely to have a LinkedIn account in the first place. In a nutshell, higher level professionals hang-out on LinkedIn and like professional networking sites. Entry-level to middle management level candidates are more likely found on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Be creative in your social media messages. Posting a traditional job description as your status update on social media sites does not always have a positive effect. After all, you're competing with a continuous flow ow information. Don't be scared to sprinkle in conversational messages about current events, topics of interest, and even a humorous tid-bit occasionally. Keep it light, social, and you'll continue to grow a large pool of qualified candidates, leveraging social media.

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