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The Disconnect Between Hiring Managers and the Human Resources Recruiting Team

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RecruitAlliance helps corporate recruiters fill their positions faster.The human resource department is responsible for devising personnel strategies that align with the near and long term business goals of the organizations they support.

Sounds like an important corporate function … and it is. One part of the human resources team supports the organization with programs to nurture existing employees - a well-understood and valued corporate function. Another part of the team, human resources recruiting, supports the manpower needs of the organization by recruiting new employees - an undervalued and misunderstood corporate function. Why is there such a disconnect between the human resources recruiting team and the hiring managers they serve?

The importance of hiring the right employee is well understood. Get it right, and you increase the odds of reaching your business goals. Get it wrong, and the odds of reaching your business goals decline. To get it right, hiring manager’s turn to organizations that have a history of providing them with qualified candidates, human resources recruiting is not among them.

Mixed value - a term often used by hiring managers to describe the human resources recruiting organization. Third party recruiters, according to many hiring managers, are more effective at sourcing qualified candidates than their corporate recruiting counterparts. This view is held for several different reasons.

1. Relationships. Existing relationships with potential employees accelerate the recruiting process. HR recruiting organizations have few relationships. Third party recruiters have many relationships.
2. Marketing and Sales. Marketing and sales skills are required for successful searches. HR recruiting organizations have limited marketing and sales skills. Third party recruiters have extensive marketing and sales skills.
3. Knowledge. Specialized positions require knowledge of the specialized skills required to fill that position. Few HR recruiters possess this knowledge. Many third party recruiters focus their businesses on specialized skills.
4. Time. Successful searches require a great deal of time. The HR recruiting team is too busy with other matters to focus on a given search. Third party recruiters will devote the necessary time.
5. Compensation. Financial incentives generate results. HR recruiting organizations do not receive a financial incentive for placing an employee. Third party recruiters earn commissions for placements.

Third party recruiters have mixed feelings about the value of the human resources recruiting team as well, preferring to work directly with the hiring manager. These feelings are based upon a variety of factors, including:

1. Decision Makers. Third party recruiters prefer to work with a hiring decision maker, not an HR intermediary.
2. Candidate Visibility. Qualified third party candidates, submitted to HR recruiters, may never be presented to the hiring manager.
3. Attention. Corporate recruiters pay less attention to third party candidates than their own candidates.
4. Feedback. Corporate recruiters do not provide third party recruiters with accurate and timely feedback on the status of submitted candidates.
5. Fee Bias. Corporate recruiters prefer to work with candidates who do not require a placement fee.
6. Recruiter Bias. Corporate recruiters prefer to work with a select group of third party recruiters, leaving little opportunity for new third party recruiters.

Perception is reality. Not all value related issues raised by hiring managers and third party recruiters apply to every human resources recruiting organization. However, the human resources recruiting organization should strive to overcome these perceptions - by implementing programs to address them.

RecruitAlliance provides best practices solutions that address many corporate recruiting challenges, including: hosted application software to facilitate the corporate recruiting process, and consulting services that offer methodologies for improving the collaboration between corporate recruiters and third party recruiting organizations. Please contact us to learn more.

Leveraging a Bad Economy to Gain High-Caliber Local Talent

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Let RecruitAlliance help you uncover top talent in an uncertain economy.A weakened economy continues to be a newsworthy item across the country. We read signs of hope one day, and hear about more jobs lost the next. One thing is for certain; until there is a true upswing in the current economic conditions, employers and hiring organizations must be cognizant of the fact this is a great time to tap into a quality talent pool.

What's the most efficient way to sort out the top talent in your local area? How can companies who aren't laying off, take full advantage of this temporary situation in their favor?

Here are five tips to help human resources and corporate recruiters leverage a poor economy to efficiently hire exceptional employees.

1. Use the mobile platform. The smart phone is the most powerful communications medium, simply because prospects are constantly on it and carry it with them at all times. Make sure that your corporate website is compatible with smart phones, and use text, voice, and videos to communicate your message. Obtain candidates' permission to send new job openings via email or SMS, and get the word out.

2. Hiring freeze recruiting. Target your recruiting to begin whenever a competing firm has instituted a hiring freeze or slow down. Off-cycle recruiting during an economic downturn or a period of layoffs is also almost always a good strategy for lesser-known companies.

3. Side-by-side job sell sheets. Provide your hiring managers with a single sheet that shows how your firm and its offer may be superior to likely offers from competing firms. This practice can help managers with weak selling skills and allows candidates to see the “big picture” value of working for your company.

4. Contact them on the “right day.” Candidates who say no initially may change their mind after they experience a negative “triggering” event such as the firing of a boss or friend, a merger announcement, or major change within their current company.

5. Be prepared when a competitor is in trouble. When a competing firm is undergoing cutbacks, staff reductions, or other turmoil, increase your recruiting efforts to target their best people. Always be “in-the-know” in your community; know what companies are leaving, moving to the area, and in financial trouble. Open a dialog with candidates you know will be leaving or facing a lay-off from the competitor, and keep in touch on a regular basis. It is essential to think and act strategically.

RecruitAlliance can assist companies in uncovering top talent, faster and more efficiently. This powerful, cloud-based solution is available at no cost for approved employers. To learn more, visit the RecruitAlliance website.

How staffing professionals can knock their 2011-Q4 quota out of the park

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Let RecruitAlliance make your December more productive.It's the Monday following Thanksgiving, and you're returning to your office after four days of turkey and pumpkin pie. In less than one month, you have the winter holidays, and there's a high probability you won't be able to reach candidates or hiring managers. Is December your time to throw up your hands, or is it time to roll up your sleeves? Here are five tips to help you end the final quarter of 2011 with a bang.

1. Candidates may have more time to take your call. You could have better luck reaching your target prospect in the office in December than at any other time. Not all candidates celebrate the holidays, and often the A-players are the ones you'll find at their desk while the rest of the office is involved in the annual gift exchange. Be committed to making your daily calls, and be sure to follow up via email when you don't make a phone connection.

2. Set up interviews with ease. December can be a great time for your candidate to take a few hours off their job to interview with your client. With all the hustle and bustle going on around the office, an employer is less likely to question why the candidate would need a couple of hours off.

3. Hiring managers are available. The Winter holiday month is great, because there are fewer meetings, professional conferences, or off-site events scheduled. The good news is hiring managers are generally in town and have few excuses for not reviewing candidates’ resumes. With a more responsive hiring manager, interviews can quickly be set up, and decisions can be made. Recruiters who really work this month can really increase their performance.

4. Your competition is taking time off. Recruiters who have the wrong mindset think December is a great time to take off work. Perfect for you! Candidates and hiring managers are receiving less calls from recruiters, so it's certainly a win-win for you. Make a big push this upcoming month, and see the results in your numbers.

5. Gatekeepers are not necessarily on guard this month. Many offices have temps filling in for the administrative assistants and department secretaries during the month of December. The chances of a temp being as skilled at blocking recruiter calls is far less likely than in other months. The best news is the holidays keep every one's spirits up, and they are more likely to accept your call now than at other times of operation.

Here's wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and a very productive month of December.

3 Tips to get the most from Social Media Recruiting

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RecruitAlliance can connect recruiters with fee-eligible jobs to fill, immediately!Uncovering top talent has often been compared to finding a needle in a haystack. Yet, recruiting agencies and headhunters make this task a part of their daily focus. Given the current economy, many employers and hiring managers find their pool of candidates has increased; but finding a quality candidate option is often just as challenging as ever.

In the search process, online tools have become an integral part of the overall sourcing strategy. Using social media for recruiting is one method of connecting with top candidates, if done correctly. Here are 3 tips to increase your social media recruitment success.

1. Connect with target candidates daily. Recruiting via the social networks is something you must do consistently. Set a specific number of people you want to talk to on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (and other preferred media), and don't stop until you've met your daily goals.

2. Specific social media sites provide different results. Seasoned professionals and higher ranking C-Suite individuals are likely to disclose they are open to new career opportunities on LinkedIn; but they aren't necessarily Tweeting about it. Entry-level candidates may post a Facebook update they're looking for a job, and are less likely to have a LinkedIn account in the first place. In a nutshell, higher level professionals hang-out on LinkedIn and like professional networking sites. Entry-level to middle management level candidates are more likely found on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Be creative in your social media messages. Posting a traditional job description as your status update on social media sites does not always have a positive effect. After all, you're competing with a continuous flow ow information. Don't be scared to sprinkle in conversational messages about current events, topics of interest, and even a humorous tid-bit occasionally. Keep it light, social, and you'll continue to grow a large pool of qualified candidates, leveraging social media.

For agencies interested in gaining access to hundreds of fee-eligible positions, posted directly by hiring managers and other third-party agencies interested in performing splits, visit RecruitAlliance. Sign up today, and receive a complimentary 30 day trial.

5 Tips to Increase Quality Referrals from Third-Party Recruiters

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RecruitAlliance facilitates quality communication between hiring managers and recruiters.The relationship between hiring organizations and recruiting agencies can be tumultuous. Employers often find they must work with a high volume of third-party recruiters simply to find one or two who actually produce results. This can be extremely frustrating for organizations who count on outside assistance in uncovering top talent to fill their needs.

As with any personal or business relationship, in order for both parties to come together to meet a mutually beneficial result, each side must be open and willing to communicate their needs. Here are the top five tips to assist hiring managers in increasing the quality of referrals they receive from external recruiting agencies.

1. Finding a good match requires more than just a job description. The job of a headhunter is to provide you with top quality candidates your company would not otherwise have access to. To ensure the agencies you work with have the ability to produce results, it's imperative to articulate the nuances of the position; necessary background/experience, soft skills, and the cultural fit.

2. Why would an A-player choose to work for your company over the competition? What's uniquely special about your organization that will effectively entice them to become a part of your team? A good recruiter will inquire about what makes your company special. A great one will create a white paper/marketing plan that identifies how they will represent your company in the search, and exactly where they will recruit your target candidates from.

3. Is there a reason other hires have not worked out in this role? Could there be a systemic problem within your department or organization that's creating the opening? In order for external recruiting partners to be successful in their search, this must be discussed with them, or the business relationship is set-up for failure.

4. What type of personality is going to integrate well in this department/company? Understanding the soft skills required to perform a job are just as important as the target background, experience and employment history. In order for third-party recruiters to effectively refer quality matching candidates, you have to be prepared to articulate the personality traits necessary.

5. Your feedback moves the search forward. Employers become frustrated with agency recruiters when they don't provide regular updates. Likewise, recruiters who do not obtain regular feedback from hiring decision makers have no clear direction for their search. Communication is clearly the key to ensuring prompt, efficient requisition fills.

RecruitAlliance is a cloud solution that facilitates effective communication between employers and third-party recruiting agencies. It saves both parties time, and eliminates the RFP process. To learn more about leveraging external relationships to fill more positions with exceptional candidates, visit the RecruitAlliance website.

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