Corporate Procurement’s Impact On The Hiring Process

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"Contract negotiations with third-party recruiters can take six weeks or longer. The length of this process frustrates recruiters, agencies, hiring managers and candidates".
Corporate Recruiter, Fortune 50 Company

No one is more effective at negotiating with suppliers than the corporate procurement organization. These professionals are experts at obtaining the best price, payment terms, and delivery schedule for desired goods and services.

Can procurement professionals add value to the corporate recruiting process? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because they have the expertise to negotiate favorable terms and conditions with third-party recruiters. No, because the time required to negotiate with a chosen candidate's third-party recruiter delays the hiring process.

It is a numbers game. The greater the number of third-party recruiter relationships managed by corporate recruiters, the greater the number of qualified candidates is that simple, and that complex. Managing a large number of third-party recruiter relationships is very challenging for three fundamental reasons:

1. Relationship Overload. It is just not possible for corporate recruiters to personally manage hundreds of agency relationships.
2. Candidate Overload. Too many candidates, many not qualified.
3. Contract Overload. Negotiating individual agency is time consuming and difficult.

Recruit Alliance offers a hosted job posting and recruiter management solution designed specifically for corporate recruiters. This solution enables corporate recruiters to realize the benefits of managing a large number of third-party recruiter relationships without the risk of relationship overload, candidate overload, and contract overload. Overload risks are minimized because third-party recruiters must access the Recruit Alliance solution in order to view job postings - and importantly, they must accept a set of corporate approved conditions for each candidate they submit. These conditions include:

1. Contract. Agree to posted contract terms, conditions, guarantees and fees.
2. Monthly Subscription Fee. Agree to pay a monthly fee to gain access to corporate job postings.
3. Job Requirements. Acknowledge that submitted candidate meets each specified job requirement.
4. Candidate Communication. Acknowledge that they have spoken to submitted candidate about the posted position.
5. Candidate Permission. Acknowledge that submitted candidate has given agency permission to submit their name for consideration.

Can procurement professionals add value to the corporate recruiting process? Yes, by working with corporate recruiters who use the Recruit Alliance solution.


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