The Recruiter Mindset: Do you Have it?

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Increase your clientele organically; join RecruitAlliance today!Working in the staffing and recruiting field, the secret to success is all about how you perceive your surroundings. Do you see what you do as the task of making 70-100 cold calls per day? Are you trying to sell your candidates on job opportunities? Instead, are you connecting candidates with high-quality opportunities that can literally change their lives?

If you have the right mindset, your job as a talent acquisition specialist is of extreme importance; you single-handedly match people with employment opportunities that they may not have otherwise known about. You're taking them out of unhappy circumstances, to help them earn more, gain more responsibility, and experience personal and professional growth.

Feel great your staffing job, in just 3 simple steps:

1. Start thinking like an entrepreneur. If you've ever worked for a start-up company, the environment is fresh, exciting, and anything goes. You work as a team, to do whatever it takes to get your business idea off the ground. When you are a headhunter, the stakes are just as high; you can generate a six-figure income for yourself, or you can fail six ways to Sunday. You are the rain-maker. You choose to earn as much or as little as you want, based on your personal efforts. Why not choose to “make it big!”

2. Do your homework on both candidates and clients. If a company sends you a job requisition, do you automatically begin working that order; without determining the quality of the search? Are you dropping your fees, just to keep the flow of job orders coming in? It's time to start working smarter! Not all candidates OR clients are created equally. You have to take the time to qualify both; and direct all of your resources to enable you to “follow the money.” Otherwise, you'll find you have a lot of activity and busy work in your career, but not the financial rewards that logically follow.

3. Always be empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of your candidate and client, and determine whether there really is a match, and stop focusing on the commission you want to earn. When you focus on understanding the needs of both parties involved in the deal, you understand how to best meet those needs. The fees and commissions will automatically follow.

Working as a recruiter, headhunter, staffing specialist or talent acquisition professional is simple; it's just not easy. If you begin to think differently, and embrace the right mindset, you've truly won more than half the battle.

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