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Boolean search tips, from RecruitAlliance; your partner in recruiting.In the staffing and recruiting industry, the search professional who presents the most qualified and on-target candidate first, wins. Utilizing Boolean search as part of your sourcing efforts will increase your ability to gain access to both passive and active candidates, by doing a deep web search based on the criteria you provide.

What is Boolean Search?
The Internet is a vast computer database. As such, its contents must be searched according to the rules of computer database searching. Much database searching is based on the principles of Boolean logic. Boolean logic refers to the logical relationship among search terms, and is named for the British-born Irish mathematician George Boole.

Boolean logic consists of three logical operators:

List and Association Searching
One of the best ways to locate exceptional candidates is to find where they spend their time when they're not working. Performing a deep search to uncover targeted candidates within associations and their committees is an excellent way to obtain contact information and get in touch with them. This is a useful way to identify target lists of competitors that may have attended a conference and obtain public lists.

Search string:
(“Keyword" OR Keyword OR Keyword) (inurl:list | inurl:~members | inurl:directory | intitle:list | intitle:~members | intitle:~directory | inurl:staff | inurl:association | inurl:board | inurl:committee | intitle:association | intitle:board | intitle:committee | intitle:staff) (email | contact) ext:xls

Find More Facebook Groups on the Open Web
Like obtaining information through associations, Facebook has numerous professional groups in which to source great candidates. Using this search string is far more efficient than searching from the Facebook platform, and provides you with more control over the search criteria.

Search String: “Keyword for group” inurl:group

Recently Updated Profiles
If you want to uncover pertinent, active candidates for a quick fill, this search string will deliver.
Search String:
(resume | CV) "insert job title“ "last updated * 2011" -job -jobs -template - example -submit

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