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3 Easy Steps to Quality Candidate Referrals

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RecruitAlliance connects recruiters with fee-eligible positions; increasing your revenue.We've all heard the old saying, "it's not what you know...but who."  In staffing and recruiting, this is most certainly the case.  Today, we're going to talk about the top five time-tested methods every third-party recruiter can implement immediately to gain more traction with candidate referrals.

1.  Get three referrals from every recruiting call. The best way to accomplish this task is to stop asking "Who do you know that is looking for a new job?"  Instead, ask the individual who they know that's not necessarily looking at new jobs, but is open to considering new opportunities that are clearly superior to their current situation.  It's amazing how a small change in wording can make a big difference in results.

2.  Focus on connecting with candidates who you can place. As recruiters, we can sometimes get caught up in "social worker" mode.  We really want to help that nice lady or guy who is having trouble finding a job after months of unemployment.  The truth for agency recruiters is this is often a luxury you cannot afford.  You must focus on the "A candidates" and consistently ask for the "A referrals" that come from them.

3. Implement a candidate referral program that incentivizes candidates to refer their colleagues. This doesn't have to be a big expense; come up with a reward for great referrals you actually place.  It can be something as simple as a $25.00 restaurant gift card to a $100.00 gift certificate good at their favorite retail outlet.  When selecting the reward you will pay for referrals, keep in mind the difficulty you have when looking for this type of candidate, and pay accordingly.

Obtaining candidate referrals on every call is just one way to keep those cold calls warm, and increase your revenue from placements.  Another way to generate more income as a TPR is to join RecruitAlliance and gain access to numerous fee-eligible positions in need of winning candidates.  To sign up for a complimentary 30 day trial, visit the RecruitAlliance website now.

Implications of Facebook’s Viral Job Board for Recruitment

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RecruitAlliance builds quality relationships between employers and external recruiters.Job boards have been a successful sourcing tool for busy human resources departments since the mid 1990's. More recently, the trend to use social media for recruiting has become more popular for one important factor: results.

October 20th, the world’s largest social network announced a partnership with national employment services and the U.S. Department of Labor. Facebook states their goal in the Social Jobs Partnership is “to facilitate employment for America’s jobless through the use of social networks.”

While this news is not surprising to all members of the recruiting community, it does suggest a potential "grim reality" for LinkedIn and other job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder. How could this impact corporate recruitment departments across the globe? Does having Facebook join the job board make the services of staffing agencies obsolete?

Corporate Recruiters: Does posting your requisitions on the largest social network in the world sound inviting? Now imagine your return on investment when the cost is free. Could it change your internal recruiting process? Would it make tapping in to new talent a less daunting task?

Third-Party Recruiters: Studies show 55.5% of recruiters are already using Facebook to source hires. Most TPRs are social media savvy and will adjust to whatever changes in the market the Social Jobs Partnership creates. The concern becomes this: Will Facebook's entrance into the employment realm drive-down the fees associated with your services?

One solution that positively impacts the relationship between employers and agency recruiters is RecruitAlliance. Both parties benefit by greater efficiency in managing and building their existing client relationships. Hiring managers significantly increase their number of on-target candidates and dramatically reduce external recruiter contact. To learn more, visit RecruitAlliance.

Corporate Procurement’s Impact On The Hiring Process

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"Contract negotiations with third-party recruiters can take six weeks or longer. The length of this process frustrates recruiters, agencies, hiring managers and candidates".
Corporate Recruiter, Fortune 50 Company

No one is more effective at negotiating with suppliers than the corporate procurement organization. These professionals are experts at obtaining the best price, payment terms, and delivery schedule for desired goods and services.

Can procurement professionals add value to the corporate recruiting process? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because they have the expertise to negotiate favorable terms and conditions with third-party recruiters. No, because the time required to negotiate with a chosen candidate's third-party recruiter delays the hiring process.

It is a numbers game. The greater the number of third-party recruiter relationships managed by corporate recruiters, the greater the number of qualified candidates is that simple, and that complex. Managing a large number of third-party recruiter relationships is very challenging for three fundamental reasons:

1. Relationship Overload. It is just not possible for corporate recruiters to personally manage hundreds of agency relationships.
2. Candidate Overload. Too many candidates, many not qualified.
3. Contract Overload. Negotiating individual agency is time consuming and difficult.

Recruit Alliance offers a hosted job posting and recruiter management solution designed specifically for corporate recruiters. This solution enables corporate recruiters to realize the benefits of managing a large number of third-party recruiter relationships without the risk of relationship overload, candidate overload, and contract overload. Overload risks are minimized because third-party recruiters must access the Recruit Alliance solution in order to view job postings - and importantly, they must accept a set of corporate approved conditions for each candidate they submit. These conditions include:

1. Contract. Agree to posted contract terms, conditions, guarantees and fees.
2. Monthly Subscription Fee. Agree to pay a monthly fee to gain access to corporate job postings.
3. Job Requirements. Acknowledge that submitted candidate meets each specified job requirement.
4. Candidate Communication. Acknowledge that they have spoken to submitted candidate about the posted position.
5. Candidate Permission. Acknowledge that submitted candidate has given agency permission to submit their name for consideration.

Can procurement professionals add value to the corporate recruiting process? Yes, by working with corporate recruiters who use the Recruit Alliance solution.

The Recruiter Mindset: Do you Have it?

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Increase your clientele organically; join RecruitAlliance today!Working in the staffing and recruiting field, the secret to success is all about how you perceive your surroundings. Do you see what you do as the task of making 70-100 cold calls per day? Are you trying to sell your candidates on job opportunities? Instead, are you connecting candidates with high-quality opportunities that can literally change their lives?

If you have the right mindset, your job as a talent acquisition specialist is of extreme importance; you single-handedly match people with employment opportunities that they may not have otherwise known about. You're taking them out of unhappy circumstances, to help them earn more, gain more responsibility, and experience personal and professional growth.

Feel great your staffing job, in just 3 simple steps:

1. Start thinking like an entrepreneur. If you've ever worked for a start-up company, the environment is fresh, exciting, and anything goes. You work as a team, to do whatever it takes to get your business idea off the ground. When you are a headhunter, the stakes are just as high; you can generate a six-figure income for yourself, or you can fail six ways to Sunday. You are the rain-maker. You choose to earn as much or as little as you want, based on your personal efforts. Why not choose to “make it big!”

2. Do your homework on both candidates and clients. If a company sends you a job requisition, do you automatically begin working that order; without determining the quality of the search? Are you dropping your fees, just to keep the flow of job orders coming in? It's time to start working smarter! Not all candidates OR clients are created equally. You have to take the time to qualify both; and direct all of your resources to enable you to “follow the money.” Otherwise, you'll find you have a lot of activity and busy work in your career, but not the financial rewards that logically follow.

3. Always be empathetic. Put yourself in the shoes of your candidate and client, and determine whether there really is a match, and stop focusing on the commission you want to earn. When you focus on understanding the needs of both parties involved in the deal, you understand how to best meet those needs. The fees and commissions will automatically follow.

Working as a recruiter, headhunter, staffing specialist or talent acquisition professional is simple; it's just not easy. If you begin to think differently, and embrace the right mindset, you've truly won more than half the battle.

Are you looking for a way to increase your clientele without spending more time making cold calls? Sign up for your free trial of RecruitAlliance, today.

Recruit the Right Candidates Using Boolean Search

Boolean search tips, from RecruitAlliance; your partner in recruiting.In the staffing and recruiting industry, the search professional who presents the most qualified and on-target candidate first, wins. Utilizing Boolean search as part of your sourcing efforts will increase your ability to gain access to both passive and active candidates, by doing a deep web search based on the criteria you provide.

What is Boolean Search?
The Internet is a vast computer database. As such, its contents must be searched according to the rules of computer database searching. Much database searching is based on the principles of Boolean logic. Boolean logic refers to the logical relationship among search terms, and is named for the British-born Irish mathematician George Boole.

Boolean logic consists of three logical operators:

List and Association Searching
One of the best ways to locate exceptional candidates is to find where they spend their time when they're not working. Performing a deep search to uncover targeted candidates within associations and their committees is an excellent way to obtain contact information and get in touch with them. This is a useful way to identify target lists of competitors that may have attended a conference and obtain public lists.

Search string:
(“Keyword" OR Keyword OR Keyword) (inurl:list | inurl:~members | inurl:directory | intitle:list | intitle:~members | intitle:~directory | inurl:staff | inurl:association | inurl:board | inurl:committee | intitle:association | intitle:board | intitle:committee | intitle:staff) (email | contact) ext:xls

Find More Facebook Groups on the Open Web
Like obtaining information through associations, Facebook has numerous professional groups in which to source great candidates. Using this search string is far more efficient than searching from the Facebook platform, and provides you with more control over the search criteria.

Search String: “Keyword for group” inurl:group

Recently Updated Profiles
If you want to uncover pertinent, active candidates for a quick fill, this search string will deliver.
Search String:
(resume | CV) "insert job title“ "last updated * 2011" -job -jobs -template - example -submit

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Avoiding the 5 Most Common Recruiting Mistakes

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Increase your billings with RecruitAlliance.

Third-party recruiting is pure sales. When opportunities are lost, when a candidate jumps ship in the eleventh hour, most of the time it’s because the recruiter made a small mistake in his or her process. This is an error that could have been easily avoided.

Here’s a list of the five most common mistakes in recruiting and staffing, and EXACTLY how to make sure you don’t make them.

1. You're not focusing on your candidate pipeline. Every staffing specialist knows that you have to have your pipeline full of qualified candidates, all the time. We can manage candidate expectations, but no recruiter can force the individual to take the job if they decide against moving forward on an offer. If you focus on effectively managing your pipeline, you'll always be prepared when the fickle candidate bails.

2. Failing to follow your own recruiting process. It happens sometimes. In an attempt to get the candidate through the hiring company's process as quickly as possible, we cut corners in our own steps. Did you perform reference checks? Are you speaking with your candidate on a regular schedule? A deal will fall apart in a heartbeat if you don't follow your own plan.

3. Trying to close your candidate too soon. Recruiters are in the business of creating matches between employers and candidates. We have to sell both parties on the fact they are a match. If you fail to create that match in their minds, you risk losing the placement. Always know the variables that can make the deal fall apart, and remove them by ensuring both parties are sold on each other before closing.

4. You're not recycling your best candidates. You worked really hard to uncover this passive candidate. The client passed on him. You deliver the feedback, and the candidate blames you. As tempting as it can be to move on, recruiters have to focus on managing expectations and placing the candidate elsewhere. Making the most out of each recruit is working smarter.

5. Avoiding follow-up through the guarantee period. You've invested significant hours in sourcing, interviewing, and placing your candidate. They started the new job, and the employer calls to tell you it didn't work out. Recruiters have got to be vigillant about following up with both candidates and hiring managers once the placement is made, or risk the chance of performing a replacement search. Follow-up is the key to recruiting success.

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