Recruiters and Staffing Specialists: Build a Book of Business Faster

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RecruitAlliance can help you build a book of business - fast!Anyone in the recruiting and staffing industry knows that to be successful, you must have excellent organizational and time management skills. Finding time in a recruiters' typical day to cold-call candidates, utilize a multi-faceted sourcing approach, conduct interviews, and market MPCs can quickly eliminate a ten hour work-day.

How can a recruiting specialist build their book of business more quickly? Here are the top three strategies agency recruiters can implement today, to begin seeing results immediately.

1. Create a list of your top 50 "dream clients." When developing a list of target companies, be sure to look at such important parameters as company size, plans for growth, reputation and their current staffing needs. Once you place a prospective on your target list, be sure to manage the relationship, using a system like SalesForce or similar solution.

2. Write optimized blog posts about topics attractive to your prospects. This plan works well for both prospective clients and candidates. Use pertinent keywords in each blog post, and give them a reason to contact you or your firm.

3. Gain access to a list of clients who have fee-eligible jobs immediately. RecruitAlliance is a web-bsed platform that connects recruiters with employers who have jobs to fill, across nearly every vertical. Just login to the website, search for openings in your area of specialty, and submit matching candidates. Recruiters always earn 100% of the full-fee.

To receive a complimentary 30 day trial, take a moment to visit the RecruitAlliance website now. There's never any cost for employers who wish to post their most urgent and confidential positions.


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