Top 3 Ways Recruiters Create an Extraordinary Candidate Experience

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RecruitAlliance enables recruiters to make more placements - faster!The recruiter with the best candidate has always been the winner in the staffing and recruiting world.  To attract A-class candidates, talent acquisition specialists must differentiate themselves from their competition, or risk not producing the best results for their clients.

One way recruiters can set themselves up to succeed is by creating an exceptional candidate experience from the very first interaction.  Here are the top three ways to gain trust from your MPCs (most placeable candidates) and earn more fees this quarter.

  1. Be Responsive.  No recruiter should expect a candidate to trust them if they can't get answers to their questions or concerns on a timely basis.  Think of how frustrating it is when a candidate won't return your call or email.  Create a positive experience for yourself and your candidate by making yourself available on-demand.

  2. Manage your candidates' expectations from the beginning.  During your initial conversation, and in each conversation or email thereafter, set-up your relationship to succeed by being upfront and honest about how your process works.  You may not have the ability to control a candidate, but you can gain the candidate's trust and build rapport by setting parameters up from the beginning.

  3. Regular communication is key.  Recruiters don't have to spend endless hours "touching base" with their MPCs, but they should have a process in place to stay connected and engaged.  Sending a weekly email, a quick SMS message, or a personal message on your candidates' preferred social network are all important ways to stay in touch, without picking up the phone.

Another way for staffing agents and recruiters to create an extraordinary candidate experience is by successfully placing them as quickly as possible.  RecruitAlliance is an additional outlet to ensure you place your MPCs faster and more efficiently.  Agency recruiters can sign up for a 30 day test-drive here.

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