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Mobile Social Recruiting: Beyond the Buzz Words

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The high volume demands of 2st century recruiting drive hiring professionals' search for the next best thing for finding talent. Recruiters have always been quick on the uptake when it comes to new and innovative technology, especially if this technology makes it easier to stay connected. Lately, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding social recruiting and mobile recruiting – and many recruiters are blinldy jumping on the bandwagon. But what’s just buzz, and what will become a permanent part of every recruiter’s toolbox?

Mobile Recruiting, Mobile Recruiting & Social Recruiting

If you don't know what I'm talking about when I say “moblie recruiting,” don't feel bad. Though you've clearly been living a rock, I think it's safe to assume you aren't alone. So begore we answer my larger question, I think it would behoove us to establish exactly what we're talking about.

When talking about mobile recruiting, there are two distinct things someone may be referring to. Mobile recruiting usually refers to tools and best practices for managing the recruiting process on the go. However, mobile recruiting can also refer to marketing and recruiting strategies that leverage SMS, QR code and mobile technology (a relatively new idea in the industry).

Social recruiting is the all-encompassing term for strategies leveraging social media outlets for sourcing and recruiting candidates. Some might argue that social recruiting is only reinventing the wheel - as hiring professionals have always drawn on their social networks - but this is something different. Social media is taking the wheel, and bringing it out of the Stone Age.

Mobile Recruiting: Apps and More

What started with the mobile phone has exploded into a new way of doing business. Mobile recruiting allows recruiters to do what they do best: stay connected. How? Apps. Recruiters love gadgets. And mobile apps are, like, so in right now. Beyond staples like LinkedIns mobile app, there are a few recruiting apps that I really like.

  • JobScience puts the functionality of an applicant tracking system right into recruiters' pockets. Access jobs, applications and contacts on the iPhone. Their nifty resume search completes this powerhouse package.
  • TrafficGeyser’s Instant Customer is a handy gadget for business card and contact management. Snap a picture of the contact’s business card, and Instant Customer scans the contact info, creates a profile for the candidate, and allows you to send a pre-written follow-up.
  • Recruit2’s Global Recruiting Roundtable app gives users access to top industry news and trends, and allows them to plug in to a community of experts. The app also delivers some serious functionality (sharing capabilities, videos, full article library) while running on a straightforward interface.
  • JobSpeek wins the award for originality. This free app adds a new dimension to job postings: audio. When posting a job description, recruiters can record a “hiring message.” Your very original postings go live on JobSpeek, as well as the major job search engines. It’s just downright cool.
Mobile SMS and QR code recruiting is getting some serious attention in recent months. Many of the big-name innovators in talent acquisition are on the quest to get candidates using smartphones to connect with their organizations. However, recruiting leader and sourcing consultant Geoff Peterson says, “The technology’s not 100% there.” A lot of time and energy is going into developing this new avenue for recruiting, though, and I expect we’ll see more developments in the next year or so.

Social Recruiting: Plan for Your Slice of the Pie

Though recruiting has always been social, social media has opened an entirely new can of worms. And if you want a piece of the social recruiting pie, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • You need a strategy. You may have a Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean you have a social recruiting strategy.
  • Don’t bombard, engage. Anyone can post “an exciting opportunity” on LinkedIn. If that’s all your using your social media accounts for, however, you’re going to lose your audience fast.
  • Keep the social in social media. You can get all the Facebook fans and Twitter followers you want, but unless you’re engaging your network, they’re just numbers.

Do Social & Mobile Really Create an Improved Process?

Amidst all the social and mobile recruiting buzz, everyone is talking about an “improved process,” and gushing over the benefits of all of these great developments in recruiting technology. But this phrase strikes a chord with me. What, exactly, dictates “an improved hiring process?” Will all of these nifty apps and tools continue to drive the high-volume recruiting demands of the 21st century? Or will the automation of the more tedious processes give us the time to shift the focus back to what recruiting is all about (getting to know people)?

Based on your answer, you’ll be the one to decide what hip new trends are worth investing in.

About the Author: Kyle is the HR Analyst at Software Advice. He blogs about trends, technology and best practices in HR and recruiting by day, and drinks entirely too much wine by night.

Recruiters and Staffing Specialists: Build a Book of Business Faster

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RecruitAlliance can help you build a book of business - fast!Anyone in the recruiting and staffing industry knows that to be successful, you must have excellent organizational and time management skills. Finding time in a recruiters' typical day to cold-call candidates, utilize a multi-faceted sourcing approach, conduct interviews, and market MPCs can quickly eliminate a ten hour work-day.

How can a recruiting specialist build their book of business more quickly? Here are the top three strategies agency recruiters can implement today, to begin seeing results immediately.

1. Create a list of your top 50 "dream clients." When developing a list of target companies, be sure to look at such important parameters as company size, plans for growth, reputation and their current staffing needs. Once you place a prospective on your target list, be sure to manage the relationship, using a system like SalesForce or similar solution.

2. Write optimized blog posts about topics attractive to your prospects. This plan works well for both prospective clients and candidates. Use pertinent keywords in each blog post, and give them a reason to contact you or your firm.

3. Gain access to a list of clients who have fee-eligible jobs immediately. RecruitAlliance is a web-bsed platform that connects recruiters with employers who have jobs to fill, across nearly every vertical. Just login to the website, search for openings in your area of specialty, and submit matching candidates. Recruiters always earn 100% of the full-fee.

To receive a complimentary 30 day trial, take a moment to visit the RecruitAlliance website now. There's never any cost for employers who wish to post their most urgent and confidential positions.

Software as a Service to Manage Third-Party Recruiter Relationships

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Thanks to the Internet and advances in supporting technologies, the availability of software as a service (SaaS) application software is growing ... and for good reason. These hosted turnkey solutions provide organizations with a means to utilize world-class software applications without the high cost of in-house implementation and support.

Corporate recruiters well understand the significant value, and challenge, of managing multiple independent recruiters in a standardized fashion. They know that traditional relationship management techniques simply do not lend themselves to a standardized approach. Fortunately, SaaS third-party recruiter relationship management solutions provide an answer. These hosted application software solutions, by their very nature, require conformity to a standardized approach - of great value to the corporate recruiters and third party recruiters who use the solution.

When considering a SaaS solution, corporate recruiters would be wise to develop a feature and functionality roadmap to guide their evaluation of available solutions. This roadmap should evaluate the SaaS solution from the perspective of the benefits derived by the two parties most impacted by its' use - the corporate recruiter and the third-party recruiter. Feature and functionality elements should include:

Candidate Related:

  1. Communication. Third-party recruiter access to corporate recruiters should be limited to those who have consistently proven their value ...  communication between them should be standardized, structured and electronic.

  2. Job Postings Control. Controls should be in place that enable corporate recruiters to limit third-party recruiter access to job postings.

  3. Job Postings Access. Access to corporate job postings should be limited to third-party recruiters who are invested in client success.

  4. Job Descriptions. Requirement to describe jobs in a standardized structured fashion.

  5. Submitted Candidate Feedback. Following submission of a candidate, corporate recruiter feedback to submitting third-party recruiter should be rapid, structured, and electronic.

  6. Interviewed Candidate Feedback. Following a candidate interview, corporate recruiter feedback to submitting third-party recruiter should be rapid, structured and electronic.

Administrative Related:

  1. Agreements. Third-party recruiters use of the SaaS solution should be contingent upon their acceptance of pre-established corporate recruiter terms and conditions.

  2. Fee Structures. Third-party recruiter use of the SaaS solution should be contingent upon their acceptance of published corporate recruiter fee structures.

  3. Corporate Recruiter Costs. The solution should be available at little or no cost to corporate recruiters.

  4. Third-Party Recruiter Costs. A monthly subscription based model is a favored approach, whereby third-party recruiters pay to participate.

SaaS hosted third-party recruiter relationship management software requires conformity to a standardized approach - of great value to the corporate recruiters and third-party recruiters who use the solution.

Tools to Increase Your Recruiting Productivity

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RecruitAlliance is a tool that increases recruiters' billings.Whether you run a full-desk, focus on candidate sourcing, or are an account executive, it's helpful to keep on top of the latest technology for the staffing industry. Here are the top ten web-based tools every good recruiter should have in their arsenal, to keep their billings at the highest possible levels.

1. Evernote. This is a free tool you can download to your Windows computer. It's excellent for mobile or virtual recruiters who want to save important information as they search the web. It allows the user to capture all of their thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. The information saved can be easily accessed when you're offline, or from a SmartPhone.

2. Contact Capture. This is a complimentary download that allows recruiters to quickly save contact information from the web, and easily upload it to their applicant tracking system or address book. What a time-saver!

3. Gist. A new way to manage your online contacts--a Social CRM. Gist imports your email and social media contacts on to one, convenient platform.

4. Fefoo. In the staffing and recruiting industry, you must be able to access information from multiple sources as quickly as possible. Fefoo is a new tool that enables you to search multiple search engines at one time.

5. SmartRecruiters. This is a free ATS and job posting system. The platform just went out of Beta last month, and has lots of useful features. You can quickly post your open positions on your own career-site, the no-cost job boards, and paid sites; right from their website.

6. StumbleUpon. Complimentary social bookmarking tool that helps you discover interesting web pages, photos and videos recommended by friends and like-minded people, wherever you are. Another good option for the mobile recruiter!

7. Focus Booster. A free application to help you get what you need done. It's a simple recruiter tool designed to help you eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration.

8. Social Mention. You're probably already using Google Alerts, to keep up with your hottest candidates. Social Mention is like Google Alerts, only it provides real-time social media search and analysis.

9. Any Meeting. Do you hold online meetings with your virtual teams? Do you want to share your computer screen with candidates during interview prep or during client presentations? AnyMeeting offers both free and paid service, with all the bells and whistles of other online meeting providers.

10. RecruitAlliance. Search professionals gain access to hundreds of fee-eligible jobs, posted directly by employers. Recruiters also have the ability to post split-fee jobs for other agencies. Upon filling a job through the site, the Recruiter earns 100% of the client fee.

Top 3 Ways Recruiters Create an Extraordinary Candidate Experience

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RecruitAlliance enables recruiters to make more placements - faster!The recruiter with the best candidate has always been the winner in the staffing and recruiting world.  To attract A-class candidates, talent acquisition specialists must differentiate themselves from their competition, or risk not producing the best results for their clients.

One way recruiters can set themselves up to succeed is by creating an exceptional candidate experience from the very first interaction.  Here are the top three ways to gain trust from your MPCs (most placeable candidates) and earn more fees this quarter.

  1. Be Responsive.  No recruiter should expect a candidate to trust them if they can't get answers to their questions or concerns on a timely basis.  Think of how frustrating it is when a candidate won't return your call or email.  Create a positive experience for yourself and your candidate by making yourself available on-demand.

  2. Manage your candidates' expectations from the beginning.  During your initial conversation, and in each conversation or email thereafter, set-up your relationship to succeed by being upfront and honest about how your process works.  You may not have the ability to control a candidate, but you can gain the candidate's trust and build rapport by setting parameters up from the beginning.

  3. Regular communication is key.  Recruiters don't have to spend endless hours "touching base" with their MPCs, but they should have a process in place to stay connected and engaged.  Sending a weekly email, a quick SMS message, or a personal message on your candidates' preferred social network are all important ways to stay in touch, without picking up the phone.

Another way for staffing agents and recruiters to create an extraordinary candidate experience is by successfully placing them as quickly as possible.  RecruitAlliance is an additional outlet to ensure you place your MPCs faster and more efficiently.  Agency recruiters can sign up for a 30 day test-drive here.
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