In Review: Independent Recruiting Web Summit

Last week, ARG (AgentHR Recruiting Group) sponsored the Independent Recruiting Web Summit, moderated by industry guru and President of ARG, Neil Lebovits. Over the three day span, staffing specialists and recruiters worldwide had the opportunity to attend multiple training sessions with such renowned trainers as Jordan Rayboy, Mark Whitby, Frank Risalvato, Doug Beabout, Bill Boorman, Mike Gionta, Bob Marshall, Carolyn Thompson, Barb Bruno, Scott Love, Gary Stauble, Maureen Sharib, Jeff Skrentny and John Bartos.

The recruiting industry's most knowledgeable and experienced trainers each delivered approximately 60 minutes of quality content, in their own unique style. Success tips, strategies and methodologies were shared, to assist rookie recruiters and seasoned specialists grow their desk--all at no cost.

One common underlying theme taught throughout the summit was the fact that success in recruiting is obtained by working smarter--and not just making more phone calls.

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