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RecruitAlliance allows hiring organizations to better manage recruiting agency costs.Working with third-party recruiting/staffing agencies and search firms is often an overwhelming process for hiring managers and human resources departments. The problems in working with headhunters involves fielding all of their calls and emails, accepting their contingency contract terms and fee, and having the ability to measure the success of each individual agency as needed throughout the duration of the business relationship.

How does your organization qualify new talent acquisition partners?

You receive a call today from an independent recruiter in California who has a candidate that has identified your company as a "target employer," and is ready to make a move immediately. This individual is the perfect match for your opening. In order for you to set up an interview and see the candidate, your director and hiring policies require the recruiter's contingency agreement be approved through your legal department; which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. How can you get around this issue, and hire this shining candidate?

What if you set the terms of the recruiting agreement, and headhunters agree to your terms prior to submitting their best candidates?

It makes sense for the hiring organization, on both a budgetary and process improvement basis, to set the terms of every recruiting agreement. This is the most effective means to manage costs, and engage search professionals for prompt results.  How can an employer accomplish this goal?

How does a hiring manager best evaluate the perfromance of its search vendors, to maximize the relationship?

In order to successfully manage multiple recruiting agencies and obtain a 360 degree view of candidate submissions, interviews initiated, second meetings scheduled, candidates hired, and time to hire, it is essential for organizations to have access to on-demand reporting. To remain competitive and hire the top talent that will advance your company, you must position yourself to keep working with those external recruiters who produce results, and leave the non-performers behind.

One solution helps employers accomplish all of these challenges, seamlessly.

RecruitAlliance has been helping hiring organizations tackle the issues mentioned, since 2001. Referred to as "the most powerful recruiting agency vendor management systems today," RecruitAlliance is one web-based platform that allows hiring authorities to manage costs, improve internal processes, and analyze results - at no additional cost.

To schedule a complimentary demonstration of this web-based platform, visit their Employer page.


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