The Recruiter Cold Call – 5 Ways to Win on the Telephone

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Let RecruitAlliance take away the pressure of cold-calling prospective clients.The recruiting and staffing industry was founded upon the premise of dialing up the target candidate, and introducing them to a new opportunity. With the evolution of the internet, email and social media, many talent acquisition professionals feel the need to utilize the phone has decreased. In truth, there is no other tool that offers the immediate feedback that cold calling provides.

Today, let's discuss the ways you can position yourself to “win” in your telephone conversations with prospective clients and candidates, and generate more income in fees over the next 30 days.

1. Utilize a tested script on all calls. Regardless of how many years experience you have in the industry, a script is an excellent way to control the quality of your calls – every time you pick up the phone. Even the most seasoned headhunters understand the importance of following a set of guidelines throughout their calls. Writing and utilizing a script on every call, makes sure your message to the client and candidate has parameters. No one can remember to ask or discuss every issue, unless they have their trusted script handy and available.

2. The law of large numbers is on your side. In order to find a qualified top talent, you must make a high volume of calls each day. Make sure you have a list prepared each day with at least 50 – 100 passive or active candidates you can call to discuss your opportunities with. The recruiter with the winning candidate always makes the placement; therefore, candidate recruiting should always be the first order of business.

3. Voicemail is your friend. Many recruiters avoid leaving voicemail, because they believe high-caliber candidates who are highly sought by other recruiters may not call them back. Voicemails should be left on every call; just make sure to keep the message generic. Obviously, you don't want to leave any information that could jeopardize the candidate's current position.

4. Make every call about obtaining personal contact information. It may sound odd, but the objective of your first cold call to a candidate should always be about obtaining their personal email and cell phone/home telephone number. With simply a work number and company email, you can't provide your prospective candidate with detailed information, or you risk jeopardizing their position. Once you obtain their personal contact information, you have the ability to have open conversation about their professional goals that will ultimately lead to more placements.

5. Recruiting is not a one call process. Begin with an initial introduction. It's not necessary to disclose everything about your most pressing opportunity during your first call. Get to know your candidate, and focus on building rapport. When calling on prospective clients, the same is true. Trust is built over multiple interactions; not in one phone meeting.

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