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Looking for ways to Reduce your Cost-Per-Hire?

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RecruitAlliance can reduce your cost-per-hire.Cost Per Hire
Cost per hire is a well-known metric, calculated by dividing the total staffing costs by the number of hires. Total staffing costs break down into fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs include recruiters’ salaries, staffing infrastructure, and overhead. Variable recruiting costs are made up primarily of sourcing costs, but may also include agency and assessment fees if applicable.

Cost versus Quality
The true challenge for human resources and hiring managers today is in gaining the return on investment for the quality of hires. While technology continues to evolve, and create new ways to connect with candidates, it does not remove the issue of engaging the upper-tier individuals who can generate more revenue for your company. Essentially, when all of your competitors have access to the same technologies and social media to source candidates - you're involved in another battle in the war for talent.

There is one solution that has been helping busy corporate HR and Recruiting departments since 2001. RecruitAlliance(RA) is a web-based platform available to qualified employers at no cost. Here's how it works:

1. The employer posts their jobs open to agencies on the RecruitAlliance website.
2. Contingency recruiters compete to fill the vacancies, at the fee set-up by the employer.
3. The recruiters submit all of their qualified candidates through the RecruitAlliance platform, and employers receive instant notification.
4. All communication may be done through RecruitAlliance, preventing the need for intrusive phone calls and interruptions.
5. Employers have complete access to advanced recruitment reporting analytics, right on the RA website.

Employers are able to fill their jobs faster, while naming the fee they're willing to pay may drastically reduce the organization's cost-per-hire. To sign up for a complimentary employer account today, click here.

In Review: Independent Recruiting Web Summit

Last week, ARG (AgentHR Recruiting Group) sponsored the Independent Recruiting Web Summit, moderated by industry guru and President of ARG, Neil Lebovits. Over the three day span, staffing specialists and recruiters worldwide had the opportunity to attend multiple training sessions with such renowned trainers as Jordan Rayboy, Mark Whitby, Frank Risalvato, Doug Beabout, Bill Boorman, Mike Gionta, Bob Marshall, Carolyn Thompson, Barb Bruno, Scott Love, Gary Stauble, Maureen Sharib, Jeff Skrentny and John Bartos.

The recruiting industry's most knowledgeable and experienced trainers each delivered approximately 60 minutes of quality content, in their own unique style. Success tips, strategies and methodologies were shared, to assist rookie recruiters and seasoned specialists grow their desk--all at no cost.

One common underlying theme taught throughout the summit was the fact that success in recruiting is obtained by working smarter--and not just making more phone calls.

Another way for independent and agency recruiters to accomplish this task is by joining forces with RecruitAlliance. Members simply log in to the RecruitAlliance platform, and gain access to urgent job orders posted by major corporations from around the world; representing nearly every vertical. In addition to accessing new client job requirements, without the effort of business development calls, recruiting agencies interested in "splits" can post their hot orders.

Imagine the power of harnessing technology to accomplish greater results, without giving up a portion of your fee in the process. With RecruitAlliance, the recruiter who makes the placement receives 100% of the fee, every time.

Why not give yourself a raise in 2011.  Focus on sourcing better candidates, and increase your placements this year. Sign up to try RecruitAlliance, and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about.

Manage Recruiting Agency Costs

RecruitAlliance allows hiring organizations to better manage recruiting agency costs.Working with third-party recruiting/staffing agencies and search firms is often an overwhelming process for hiring managers and human resources departments. The problems in working with headhunters involves fielding all of their calls and emails, accepting their contingency contract terms and fee, and having the ability to measure the success of each individual agency as needed throughout the duration of the business relationship.

How does your organization qualify new talent acquisition partners?

You receive a call today from an independent recruiter in California who has a candidate that has identified your company as a "target employer," and is ready to make a move immediately. This individual is the perfect match for your opening. In order for you to set up an interview and see the candidate, your director and hiring policies require the recruiter's contingency agreement be approved through your legal department; which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. How can you get around this issue, and hire this shining candidate?

What if you set the terms of the recruiting agreement, and headhunters agree to your terms prior to submitting their best candidates?

It makes sense for the hiring organization, on both a budgetary and process improvement basis, to set the terms of every recruiting agreement. This is the most effective means to manage costs, and engage search professionals for prompt results.  How can an employer accomplish this goal?

How does a hiring manager best evaluate the perfromance of its search vendors, to maximize the relationship?

In order to successfully manage multiple recruiting agencies and obtain a 360 degree view of candidate submissions, interviews initiated, second meetings scheduled, candidates hired, and time to hire, it is essential for organizations to have access to on-demand reporting. To remain competitive and hire the top talent that will advance your company, you must position yourself to keep working with those external recruiters who produce results, and leave the non-performers behind.

One solution helps employers accomplish all of these challenges, seamlessly.

RecruitAlliance has been helping hiring organizations tackle the issues mentioned, since 2001. Referred to as "the most powerful recruiting agency vendor management systems today," RecruitAlliance is one web-based platform that allows hiring authorities to manage costs, improve internal processes, and analyze results - at no additional cost.

To schedule a complimentary demonstration of this web-based platform, visit their Employer page.

The Relationship Between Application Software and Best Practices

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Best Practices. Standardized techniques, methods or processes that have proven themselves over time to accomplish given tasks

Best practices. We read about it, we talk about it, consultants deliver lectures about it, organizations tout its value, industry experts define its components and we are told that we must do it. Corporate recruiter and third party recruiter relationship management - can application software provide a best practices approach?

Historically, application software has provided businesses with a means to manage and control their internal business processes using a repeatable best practices approach. The use of application software to manage and control the business processes related to corporate and third party recruiter relationship management is far more challenging. These business processes are dependent upon one another, yet independently managed and controlled:

  1. Internal recruiting processes are managed and controlled by corporate recruiters

  2. External recruiting processes are managed and controlled by independent third party recruiters

Application software designed to deliver a repeatable best practices approach to corporate recruiter and third party recruiter relationship management may simply not exist - for the reasons sited above. How then, can corporate recruiting organizations use application software to achieve a repeatable best practices approach? To do so, both parties must utilize the same application software.

Corporate recruiting organizations should require third party recruiters to use a specified application software solution if they wish to partner with you - the same solution that you use or another.  Four different approaches should be considered:

  1. Required Implementation. Restrict third party recruiter relationships to those partners who implement and use a corporate approved application software solution when working with you

  2. Provided License. Provide third party recruiter partners with a license for a corporate approved application software solution and require that they use it when working with you

  3. Required Subscription. Require that third party recruiter partners subscribe to and use a corporate approved hosted application software solution when working with you

  4. Provided Subscription. Provide third party recruiter partners with a subscription to a corporate approved hosted application software solution and require that they use it when working with you

It is important to identify the internal and external business processes associated with corporate and third party recruiter relationship management. These processes should be supported by your chosen application software solution and include: communication, agreements, fee structures, job descriptions, job postings, feedback for candidate submissions, feedback from candidate interviews, decisions on submitted candidates, and more.

Application software may be the key to implementing a best practices approach to corporate recruiting, but it may also represent the biggest challenge.

The Recruiter Cold Call – 5 Ways to Win on the Telephone

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Let RecruitAlliance take away the pressure of cold-calling prospective clients.The recruiting and staffing industry was founded upon the premise of dialing up the target candidate, and introducing them to a new opportunity. With the evolution of the internet, email and social media, many talent acquisition professionals feel the need to utilize the phone has decreased. In truth, there is no other tool that offers the immediate feedback that cold calling provides.

Today, let's discuss the ways you can position yourself to “win” in your telephone conversations with prospective clients and candidates, and generate more income in fees over the next 30 days.

1. Utilize a tested script on all calls. Regardless of how many years experience you have in the industry, a script is an excellent way to control the quality of your calls – every time you pick up the phone. Even the most seasoned headhunters understand the importance of following a set of guidelines throughout their calls. Writing and utilizing a script on every call, makes sure your message to the client and candidate has parameters. No one can remember to ask or discuss every issue, unless they have their trusted script handy and available.

2. The law of large numbers is on your side. In order to find a qualified top talent, you must make a high volume of calls each day. Make sure you have a list prepared each day with at least 50 – 100 passive or active candidates you can call to discuss your opportunities with. The recruiter with the winning candidate always makes the placement; therefore, candidate recruiting should always be the first order of business.

3. Voicemail is your friend. Many recruiters avoid leaving voicemail, because they believe high-caliber candidates who are highly sought by other recruiters may not call them back. Voicemails should be left on every call; just make sure to keep the message generic. Obviously, you don't want to leave any information that could jeopardize the candidate's current position.

4. Make every call about obtaining personal contact information. It may sound odd, but the objective of your first cold call to a candidate should always be about obtaining their personal email and cell phone/home telephone number. With simply a work number and company email, you can't provide your prospective candidate with detailed information, or you risk jeopardizing their position. Once you obtain their personal contact information, you have the ability to have open conversation about their professional goals that will ultimately lead to more placements.

5. Recruiting is not a one call process. Begin with an initial introduction. It's not necessary to disclose everything about your most pressing opportunity during your first call. Get to know your candidate, and focus on building rapport. When calling on prospective clients, the same is true. Trust is built over multiple interactions; not in one phone meeting.

As a recruiting specialist, you can make better use of your time, and focus exclusively on candidate recruiting when you partner with RecruitAlliance. They create strategic partnerships with hiring companies, who post their most urgent positions on the RecruitAlliance website. You access the site, assess the qualifications, and submit your most qualified candidates through the site. No need to continue spending half of your day cold-calling prospective clients for job orders.

Sign up now for a free 30 days trial of RecruitAlliance, and make your next placement faster than ever before.

Beef up your Recruiting Agency’s Client List and Increase Revenue

RecruitAlliance helps you generate more revenue in increased placements.Whether you're an independent search professional or work as part of an agency, one of the most challenging things about your job is to increase the number of clients who regularly utilize your services. Most full-desk recruiters spend at least 50% of their day reaching out to prospective clients via phone and email.

The great challenge of all talent acquisition professionals is to produce more each day, which means more placements. Here are some tips to help increase productivity, and generate more revenue in your recruiting business.

1. Plan to succeed. No one plans to fail, they fail to plan. Be focused on your work, and know what you must accomplish during your day. Take time at the end of each work day to draft a list of tasks you must accomplish, and mark completed tasks off as you progress. This gives you a sense of accomplishment, and ensures you stay on track.

2. The phone is still your best friend. Yes, there is value provided for recruiters in the social networks and your favorite search engine; but this impacts your sourcing efforts. The actual recruiting portion of your job still requires that you have a high-comfort level on the phone. Don't let the internet tools distract you from the money.

3. Gain back those hours invested in business development, by aligning with RecruitAlliance. Focus on candidate development, and doing what you do best - uncover top talent for clients who have immediate needs. When you become a member of RecruitAlliance, you gain access to hundreds of new employers with job openings who need your great candidates. What if you can place 10, 25 or even 50% more candidates this year? RecruitAlliance can positively impact your bottom line - fast.

Independent and agency recruiters are always looking for new ways to more effectively manage their time to ensure success. By planning, staying on the phone, and partnering with RecruitAlliance, they are sure to increase their revenue faster and more efficiently.

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