What Google+ won’t do for Recruiters

Google + cannot replace RecruitAlliance!If you search the term "Google+" on your favorite search engine today, you're sure to find hundreds of articles and blog posts on the subject. Talent acquisition professionals and agency recruiters are buzzing with excitement over the fact Google+ is going to be the "messiah" of social media; connecting them to those illusive candidates to fill their most difficult-to-fill positions. While the social networks are a valuable sourcing tool for recruiting specialists, many of the highest caliber candidates may not be found using this method.

In its early stages, Google+ is available primarily for the individual user. For independent recruiters, it's essentially just another tool to have in your arsenal - but certainly not a "magic pill." Facebook currently has more than 300 million users worldwide.

Consider the fact that if we took all of the Facebook users and gave them their own island, that land mass would be the third largest country in the world. Therefore, most recruiters regularly access the "holy grail" of candidates via this more seasoned social network.

Google+ is like the "hot new restaurant" in town, that's having its Grand Opening. While it's new and fresh, everyone is checking it out. In the end, recruiters still have to know how to actually RECRUIT the best candidates, and make placements. Social media sites may cut down on initial sourcing time, but they certainly are not a complete solution.

One recruiting tool that saavy recruiters have been accessing since 2001 is RecruitAlliance. This web-based platform connects hiring companies with third-party agencies to create a win-win situation. To learn more, click here.


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