Is Your Internal Recruiting Process Turning-Off Top Candidates?

RecruitAlliance helps you reinvent your internal recruiting process.Every company has a unique internal recruiting process. Your company may utilize the latest technology that enables you to get your job offers out within days of interviews and appropriate candidate screening. Your competitor may have a lengthy hiring process that typically takes anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks. Who's do you think is going to land that ellusive "game-changing" candidate?

Human Resources/Recruitment managers and directors realize the impact "time to hire" has on their ability to attract top talent. Exceptional candidates have options--lots of them. If they're looking to make a career move and you're talking to him or her, you can't afford to drag your feet. Failure to act on a timely basis will lead to negative results on multiple levels for your company.

Organizations must find ways to stream-line their recruiting process today, or risk losing the best candidates to their competitors--ultimately jeopardizing their entire business.

RecruitAlliance offers a whole new way of managing your relationships with external recruiting agencies, and empowers your company to hire top talent faster than ever before. You sign in to your free account using the web-based platform, post requisitions for your preferred recruiting vendors, and they compete to refer you their very best, highly qualified candidates. No more spending unnecessary time on the phone with recruiter calls--they communicate with you through the RecruitAlliance Internet interface, and are immediately notified via email when you have a new search available to them.

In order to attract the highest-caliber candidates, your HR/Recruiting department has to reinvent itself and its flawed internal processes.  A simple change can go a long way to ensure your organization gets the winning candidate.


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