Developing a Best Practices Approach to Managing Third-Party Recruiter Relationships

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Best Practices. Standardized techniques, methods or processes that have proven themselves over time to accomplish given tasks

For years, best practice business processes have been credited with helping businesses improve efficiency and drive success. Just as is the case with businesses, corporate recruiters can improve efficiency and drive success by introducing a best practices approach to managing third-party recruiter relationships.


Third-party relationship management is an important and complex corporate recruiter responsibility. Ongoing communications, fee arrangements, contracts,  and more all need to be managed simultaneously - before, during and after the search. Managing these activities among multiple third-parties and multiple candidates is critical to success and a substantial corporate recruiting challenge.


Certainly there is a need for a standardized repeatable approach. However, can a "best practices" approach be implemented and will it improve efficiency and drive success in corporate recruiting?  


Best practice processes to be considered for third party recruiter relationship management, include:

1.  Communication

2.  Agreements

3.  Fee structures

4.  Job descriptions

5.  Job postings

6.  Feedback for candidate submissions

7.  Feedback from candidate interview

8.  Decisions on submitted candidate

9.  Tracking and reporting

Developing a best practices approach begins with identification, documentation and support - and ends with implementation. The following steps should be considered:

1.  Identify your processes

2.  Document a best practices approach

3.  Gain support internally

4.  Gain support from third-party recruiters

5.  Implement across the organization

Whether it is the terms and conditions of a recruiting agreement, the status of a submitted candidate, or feedback related to an interviewed candidate, a best practices approach to third party recruiter relationship management can be implemented.

Best practices. An approach that improves efficiency and drives success.



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