Recruiting Tips to Earn a Candidate’s Trust in 10 Minutes or Less

Recruiters should be committed to creating a quality candidate experience.The best active and passive candidates are inundated with communication from your competition in the staffing and recruiting industry. With all the "white noise" from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, the major job boards, and via email, it becomes a necessity that top talent acquisition specialists focus on capturing the candidate's attention immediately; gaining their trust within the first 10 minutes of their first conversation.

How can agency recruiters create a true connection with the most highly regarded candidates in such a short amount of time?

Here are three tips to help you build solid rapport with job candidates fast, and make more placements this month.

1. Immediately differentiate yourself from other recruiters.
Don't just tell the candidate about an immediate opening--take the time to learn about his or her short-term goals, target employers, and immediate reasons for considering a change at this time. Your interest in the individual will be a refreshing change from what they routinely encounter when dealing with other staffing professionals.

2. Build loyalty by being loyal.
Take the time to explain how you work, and be available to the candidate when you say you'll be. Check in with him or her on a regular basis, to increase rapport and increase trust. How many recruiters do you know who reach out to a candidate, only to never be heard from again? Make the way you conduct business different, and candidates will believe in the service you provide.

3. Describe your commitment to creating a quality candidate experience.
If you don't explain the reasons and benefits for this person to work with you, they won't. Most likely, they'll work with other headhunters who reach out to them, and ultimately risk your potential placement.

Successful recruiters know they must be committed to building trust and loyalty from the very first interaction with the candidate to ensure a more positive experience for all parties involved.

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