Manage Recruiting Agency Relationships with Ease

Manage your recruiting vendors more efficiently with RecruitAlliance.It's no secret that executive search firms and niche recruiting partners provide access to some of the most desirable and sought-after passive talent available. Managing a high number of relationships with outside recruitment vendors can be both expensive and time-consuming. Adding vendor management "modules" to your current applicant tracking system may be a possible consideration, but most of these solutions are not set-up to specifically address talent acquisition vendors, while enabling your team to fill jobs faster, manage costs and completely automate the process.

RecruitAlliance is the web-based recruiting platform no business should be without. Organizations can obtain their no-cost membership, and gain immediate access to an army of professional, vetted agencies and independent recruiters who are waiting to refer their best qualified candidates. The user-friendly interface empowers hiring managers and Human Resources representatives to quickly receive referrals for their most urgent and difficult-to-fill positions. Best of all, employer members set the fee they are willing to pay upon successful placement, and THEIR terms and conditions, while the recruiters on the site agree before ever submitting their matching candidates.

If you have an established group of recruiting agencies you prefer to utilize, it's easy to continue utilizing their services on the RecruitAlliance platform. When you become an employer member, the RA staff contacts your preferred recruiting vendors, and brings them on to the site. It's a completely care-free process that makes working with agencies easier and more efficient.

When you have a job your regular talent acquisition vendors cannot fill, you can quickly make your open position available to additional recruiters with ease. This way, your company can "cast a wider net," and find the perfect fit for the job.

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